Paul Craig Roberts

The worst racists in the world are the US print and TV media, NPR, and university administrations.  Their racism is directed entirely at white people.

Although Ron Unz is correct that Harvard University discriminates against Asians and limits their enrollment as Harvard once limited Jewish enrollment,

it is white people who are accused by white media and white political leaders of both parties of the racial suppression of black peoples. 

Even Trump’s vice president has taken the side of black looters against looted whites, as has the Republican majority leader in the US Senate.


The only person in the US TV media speaking truthfully about what is going on is Tucker Carlson at Fox News whose firing—indeed murder—is demanded by the “white is evil” multitude.  How long can Fox News hold on?

How long can Tucker Carlson hold on when white people have surrendered?  Where are the voices in support of Carlson of the people whose free institutions he speaks for?  Why aren’t those white people whose property and economic lives are being destroyed protesting what blacks are doing to them?

How long can groveling white people hold on?

The Saker is correct.

White people are so brainwashed that they do not even know that they are targeted.  Even when it is before their eyes they cannot see it. OnMyGod, it would be racist to acknowledge reality.

Before the white Nascar representatives of black power will give Kyle Larson his livelihood back,
he has to grovel and complete “sensitivity training.”  

But blacks don’t have to show any sensitivity as they shout “racist” and loot and destroy white property.

Meanwhile the police continue shooting to death more white people than black people, and no one protests.





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