A number of websites that have traditionally republished my columns are also making sure that their readers never find out that Floyd died of an overdose of fentanyl.  

I have sent three articles to the Minneapolis Star Tribune about the facts of the case and have had no acknowledgement.  

The Minneapolis Star Tribune is no doubt afraid of (1) having all advertising pulled by businesses afraid that they will be burned out, (2) afraid of being burned down itself, and (3) afraid of being called racist by its employees which always has more force than when it comes from outside, and (4) the editors are afraid of being fired for being racist.  So don’t expect any investigation or honest reporting from the hometown newspaper in Minneapolis.

Some of the websites that have traditionally republished my columns are so into damning America for its colonial wars that George Floyd’s death is just grist for their mill.  It is more proof of American iniquity. 

For others, such as myself, who are opposed to gratuitous police aggression and want to stop the Israeli training of our police, “Chauvin’s murder of Floyd despite Floyd’s pleas” is a winning issue.

And then there are the many readers for whom it is of the utmost emotional importance that Floyd was murdered by white police for racist reasons.  These readers are immune to all facts. One told me that fentanyl is not toxic.  Another told me that it is not possible to overdose on fentanyl. Yet another told me that the medical examiner is white and his report is a racist report. Another asked me when did I become a racist. 

In other words, they only want to hear what they have been brainwashed to believe. Facts have no importance to them.  Indeed, there are no facts, only emotional responses, and they are indoctrinated with the emotional response that is valid. 

As long as the response is anti-white, it is valid.





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