• Android tablet with Quad core CPU

  • 16 GB memory and 1 GB RAM

  • Integrated DLP pico projector

  • Picture size up to 120 " (300 cm)

  • WVGA (854 x 480 Pixel) projector resolution


ProjectorPad P70 is the best combination of latest technologies. The 7" Android tablet comes with an integrated DLP pico projector. The fast quad core CPU makes working smooth and quick. Turn on the projector and mirror any tablet content on a big screen up to 120" (300 cm). Show websites, presentations, videos, pictures or play games easily. The DLP chip used, known from large cinema projectors, provides rich colors and high contrast for the best projection experience. Use ProjectorPad P70 for your business presentations as a full‐fledged replacement projector, share your favourite media with friends easily or play games with a new picture experience.








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