Europe is doomed

The old-fashioned-controlled-media is covering up a massive, cataclysmic travesty - the so-called “refugee crisis” in Europe. The fairytale is that millions of innocent peace-loving families are fleeing war and death.

Nothing could be further from the truth. And the truth is nothing short of savage.

It’s all here, from crimes to cover-ups, from media spins to actual events, from horrific diseases to restricted info. Just facts. Eyewitness accounts. And links to the sources so you can see it, hear it, or read it for yourself.

A look at each of the 51 countries and independent states that make up Europe today, full of hair-raising unthinkable acts.

from the old-fashioned-controlled-media:
refugees are scared, pitiful families fleeing war.
TRUTH from Hasta la Vista EUROPE!:
most “refugees” (75% or more) are young fighting-age males in search of economic opportunities.

these refugees just want to be safe, fit in and assimilate, and want to become productive members of their new nations.
many new “refugees” have no intention of integrating, can be violent, and have an air of entitlement never before seen – complaining about food and slow internet, launching lawsuits within days of arriving, and even refusing to shake hands with “unclean” women.

Sweden is a leading example of multicultural success.
Setting aside the regular grenade attacks and bomb explosions, Sweden is the new rape capital of Europe, with migrants leading the way in vicious criminal activity. Don’t believe it? There are at least 55 migrant neighborhood areas (NO-GO zones) that the police simply don’t dare respond to without multiple units.

Germany has led the way by taking in and welcoming more than a million refugees in 2015 and everything is working fine.
During a “Welcome Refugees” event in November 2015, large groups of male asylum seekers surrounded German coeds and sexually assaulted them. Terrified women fled the event as organizers covered up assaults. Then, 1,000+ refugees, migrants, asylum seekers assaulted (including rapes and gang rapes) over 800 women on New Year’s Eve 2016 in just one town in Germany (Cologne). Similar attacks, on lesser scales, occurred across Europe.

Syrian children refugees need special attention.
Yes, but many are NOT Syrian or children. Many are much older than they claim to be – adult males pretend to be Syrian children in order to get faster asylum, and far lesser, if any, punishment when they commit crimes including rape.

Does any of this sound like a plan that is working?

If you want to know what is brewing in Europe, if you or your family came from Europe, if you love Europe, if you have relatives in Europe, if anyone you know is planning to travel to Europe, you need to read Hasta la Vista EUROPE! today!

“If Europe opens its gates, soon millions will come through, and while living among us, will start exercising their own customs, including beheading.”

-Lech Walesa, Nobel Peace Prize (1983), Polish President (1990-1995)

“Sweden is falling apart…”

-Göran Persson, Former Swedish Prime Minister (1996-2006)

“Everything which is now taking place before our eyes threatens to have explosive consequences for the whole of Europe, and is now causing alarm throughout the world… there are millions more intending to set out for Europe, driven by economic motives.”

-Viktor Orban, Hungarian Prime Minister

“Freedom does not mean being free of something, but to be free to do something.”

-Angela Merkel, German Chancellor

“I used to think that Merkel was some sort of strong leader. What Merkel has done in Europe is insane.”

-Donald Trump, American Billionaire & US Presidential Candidate

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