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Lubor Kloda vor 8 Monaten

I. Allegro moderato

II. Andante con moto 20:22

III. Rondo (Vivace) 26:04

Please don't say that she is beautiful and skilled pianist. Better say she is a genius.

Her conception of Beethoven concerto is just wow. Listen to big parts.
Climax - big problem, anticlimax -surprising solution.

You have two possibilities how to do that correctly in Beethoven's music.

  • First possibility - you are a genius musician and you feel it with your instinct.

  • Second - you are smart like Einstien and you can hold all the piece in your head and calculate what should be done each moment.

Helen can do it both ways as she is incredibly talented musician and very smart person at the same time.

Oh and she is beatiful and skilled pianist but please don't mention it so much :p

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