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Bericht des ehemaligen CIA-Agenten Robert David Steele zu den satanischen Ritualen der „Eliten“

I'm Chris Thrall, a former Royal Marines Commando.
This is my 'out of shadows' chat with the legend Robbie Williams.

Part 2 is here: https://youtu.be/laNDDa-re78

We discuss EVERYTHING you won't hear in the Media !
The Great Awakening is upon us.

You get ONE life - if you live it right ONE is enough!

Hello FRIEND! Do YOU want to take CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE and SMASH YOUR BUCKET LIST? I'm Chris Thrall, a former Royal Marines Commando who ended up in psychosis from crystal meth addiction while working for the Hong Kong triads.

Now an author, adventurer, extreme endurance athlete, life coach and inspirational speaker, I have backpacked across eighty countries on all seven continents. I'm a pilot, skydiver, advanced scuba diver and Antarctic explorer, who recently ran #999miles (1,600 km) nonstop and completed a quadruple ironman triathlon - 9.6-mile swim, 450-mile cycle, 108-mile run - to raise awareness of sham wars and veterans ptsd and suicide.

A motivational speaker and life coach, I upload INSPIRATIONAL and ADVENTUROUS content to HELP YOU take control of your mind and SMASH your bucket list.