Paul Craig Roberts - The White Peoples Are Being Brainwashed Out of Existence


Western universities are fixed on a course that denies white students knowledge of the literature, art, and achievements of Western culture, focusing only on its alleged racism and collection of evils ascribed to “whiteness,” while teaching the students the culture and literature of other people.

As this headline in the British Telegraph puts it, “Universities drop Chaucer and Shakespeare as ‘decolonization’ takes root. Many British universities have sought to liberate their courses from ‘white, Western and Eurocentric’ knowledge”

To “decolonize the curriculum” means to deracinate it, to remove white ethnicities from their cultures.

In other words, to dissolve Western civilization.

This is now the main function of a university education. White students are to be isolated from their heritage by withholding knowledge of it, thus leaving white peoples without any sense of themselves. Kept ignorant of their heritage by the evicting of “whiteness,” they will only be taught the cultures of others. In other words, this is a chosen policy of cultural genocide via deracination.

What then is the purpose of national security, defense departments, intelligence services? With universities busy at work destroying a people’s concept of themselves, what do deracinated people rise in defense of?

The enemies of the Western world are its own universities, not foreign powers.







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