By Michael Hudson, a research professor of Economics at University of Missouri, Kansas City, and a research associate at the Levy Economics Institute of Bard College. His latest book is The Destiny of Civilization.

Michael Hudson Explains that Washington’s Russian Sanctions Have Freed Russia of Her Delusions that She Had “Western Partners” while Destroying Europe Economically. 

Hudson’s article, slightly edited by Paul Craig Roberts (PCR),  is reproduced with permission with final comments by PCR.




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To add to Hudson’s excellent analysis, Russia and China are reaching out to South America, Asia, and Africa and offer economic opportunities to countries instead of indebtedness to America and forced sell-offs of their patrimony to foreign interests. Russia and China have sufficient economic and military power to be seen as business partners who can defend the deal.  Once Russia and China remove themselves from exploitative and controlling US payments and clearing systems and the use of the US dollar, US financial hegemony is restricted to Washington’s Western puppet states.

Every German government since the demise of the National Socialist regime has been a bought and paid for US puppet government. The German population has been indoctrinated by US and Israeli control over German education. Germans have been convinced that German nationalism is evil and would result in the rise of a new Fuhrer.

No German government since 1945 has made a decision in the interest of the German people rather than in the interest of Washington’s hegemony and payments to Israel.  Germans are not aware of this.  They have a flag. They have boundaries that indicate a country. They have a Chancellor and elected officials. 

Germans think they are an independent state, but they are nothing but an appendage to Washington.

Would any government concerned with its own people and their interests so willingly agree to, and enforce, sanctions against Russia that had zero effect on Russia but were calculated by Washington to destroy Germany’s economic prowess and independence? 

As a high Pentagon official told me years ago, the German government reports to us. We give them bags full of money. We own them.

The German government, and all European governments have been selling out the interests of their citizens since 1945.  The few European politicians who demurred, who had nationalist sentiments, have been marginalized by Washington and its bought European governments and media elites.  No European or British interests have been represented by those governments in 77 years.

Today Putin, President of Russia challenges this US world order.  He says it is over with.  Washington, led by its Jewish neoconservatives cannot stand the thought.  They are determined to destroy Russia.  Putin has acknowledged their determination to destroy Russia and has communicated it to the Russian nation. 

If you don’t understand that this sets the stage for war between nuclear powers, you are too stupid to justify your existence, which probably isn’t in the cards for much longer.







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