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Serge Duhanov:
How promising do you think the reversal of Russia’s trade and economic policy to the East and South (China, India, Iran, Turkey, the Middle East, Africa) is? The more so that the trade with these countries is increasingly conducted in national currencies.

Paul Craig Roberts:
Unless the Kremlin loses its nerve and abandons its Chinese, Iranian, and Indian allies, Globalism-the mechanism through which the West exploited the world-is finished. With no one to exploit except its own people, as was done in Greece where Greek women were forced into prostitution by IMF austerity policies, the idiot West, which has relocated its manufacturing to Asia and relies on other parts of the world for its food, is a basket case.


The West’s own policies,

together with the massive inflows of third world immigrant-invaders,
most of whom do not assimilate and all of whom have privileged status,

have destroyed the Western world.


Perhaps this is why Russia and China are so tolerant
of the West’s insults and provocations.

Both know that the Western World has committed suicide.


Why go to war with a dying enemy.


Dr. Paul Craig Roberts – Chairman of the Institute for Political Economy, US economist and ex-Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration.