Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò releases a new statement exposing the deep corruption of ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick and the connection to Pope Francis and his circle of corrupt and compromised associates.

Dr. Taylor Marshall shares the statement and provides analysis.




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Dr Marshall explains the reasons why Pope Benedict XVI resigned in 2013 by showing a four stage scandal beginning with Archbishop Vigano blowing the whistle on the Vatican Bank in 2009-2010 and how it escalated into Benedict's resignation in 2013.

It also explains the election of Pope Francis and frames the recent testimony of Vigano against Pope Francis on August 26 2018.


Was John Paul I murdered by poisoning ?

Most people know this story from the film Godfather III, but is there any truth to it ?

  • Was Pope John Paul I a great reformer who is killed prematurely ?

  • Who was Pope John Paul I before his election ?

  • Was he connected to the Vatican Bank Scandals of 1977-1980?

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