The second wave of virus promised early on by the elites, including the evil Bill Gates, is well underway.

This is happening now in my opinion because the stopgap measure of orchestrating riots, looting, arson, and civil unrest has not been able to prolong the panic as planned, so a new virus outbreak plot had to be pushed quickly in order to quell any dissent by the people.

As expected, it is already taking hold of the masses, and they seem to be accepting this new lie without much resistance.

In fact, some governors are already re-closing their states, and mandating more isolation, more masks, and more distancing. Some bars and other businesses are once again being shut down.

  • How long will it be until this becomes another full-blown pandemic lockdown?

  • Will the people buy this hoax again, and ride it into the next flu season late this fall, when the common flu can be used to scaremonger the public ?