folgender Text ist wohl aus dem Englischen (z.T. ungenau) übersetzt worden


USA - OBERSTER GERICHTSHOF hat entschieden (!!!), 

Geimpfte WELTWEIT gelten als "patentiert zu sein unter USA Gesetz", sie sind keine Menschen mehr.

Durch eine DNA oder RNA GEN-modifizierte Impfung  mRNA Impfung,

sind sie BESITZTUM des Patente-Inhabers der GEN-modifizierte Impfung,

weil sie einen eigenes Genom haben


und sind keine "Humans" ( Keine Natürliche Menschen)  mehr
sondern "Trans-Humans", also es sind keine Menschen mehr !!!!

und alle Menschlichen Rechte entfallen dadurch (!!!!!)


Es gilt WELTWEIT, - die Patenten unterliegen den USA Gesetzen.

Seit 2013 alle GEN-Modifizierten, mRNA Geimpften 

sind Gesetzlich Trans-Humans und Gesetzlich als Trans-Humans identifiziert

und bekommen keine Menschenrechte

und auch keine andere Rechte eines Staates, und zu berücksichtigen ist

das gilt WELTWEIT,


denn die Patenten der GEN-GIFTSPRITZEN sind in den USA ZUHAUSE.
und somit die Zuständigkeit und die Gesetzgebung



Quelle: (aus der OBERSTE GERICHTSHOF, USA Entscheidung)


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    Here you can find Carrie's message to the world:

    They plan to 'vaccinate' us so that we are (supposedly) resistant to the Corona virus, and that will be done in such a way by substances that enter our body that are changing our DNA

    (so that we turn into willing biological robots) and other substances that interact with the 5G system that they are now rapidly establishing worldwide

    DURING THE LOCKDOWN, and that is why we're already learning to be 1½ meters or 6 feet apart from each other, or else that system won't be able to accurately track and monitor us, and establish evidence of 'vaccination', which will be a type of tattoo that will be applied to our bodies through tiny needles, containing that 'vaccine', and that is according to Revelation 13 16-18 which is about the mark of the beast, and that says whoever does not have that mark, that evidence of 'vaccination', will not be able to buy and sell and thus won't be able to enter the supermarket or other shops or shop online ... and thus will starve because by then the food banks will also cooperate with that system.

    Then all the 'vaccine' refusers will be arrested and given one more choice to be 'vaccinated', and whoever will refuse will be beheaded with a modern guillotine, and the 'vaccinated' will even applaud it because it will be said that these people stand in the way of progress and the great solutions

  • of the leader of the world government,

    * who will prove to be antichrist = instead of Christ,

    * such as against human-induced climate change

    * and the global redistribution of prosperity

    through the principle of communism, invented by the Jesuits of the Vatican.

    That Vatican is the disguised Roman Empire with its true god Lucifer, and the Pope is the disguised Luciferian Roman emperor and all 'great' world leaders serve him, which is demonstrably,

    because Trump and Putin, Merkel, the British queen, Macron etc. know WHO he is,

    but they do not tell their subjects,
    and that the Pope is the real ruler on earth.

    The Pope is the 'Crown' = Corona!

    He will lead everyone to Lucifer worship, as he does himself.

    But those who are saved by the Gospel, 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 don't have to worry, because the Lord JESUS is going to take them away to where He is before the revelation of the Antichrist and the implementation of the Mark of the Beast.

  • PS: the MASK TERROR is the prelude to the MARK of the Beast....

  • PS 2: the needles of the 'vaccine' are made so SMALL that they fit in a kind of BAND-AID and insert 'the vaccine' PAINLESS!