The United States of America now has a presidency that was stolen.  It has an administration chosen on the basis of  anti-white racial, anti-heterosexual sexual, and anti-male/female gender preferences.  The Biden Regime is a government that in my grandparents day would have caused Americans to march on Washington, burn the city down, and kill everyone in it.

In America today the only few leaders are at the state level, and the illegitimate Biden regime has them in its sights.  

Republican Governor DeSantis of Florida was the first to rebel at the hospitals’ murder of Covid patients.  DeSantis established clinics all over Florida to give patients monoclonal antibodies.  DeSantis’ sensible approach spread to Texas and Alabama.

The Republican governors’ reward for saving lives was to have their supply of monoclonal antibodies cut 50% by the illegitimate, criminal, murderous Biden Regime.  The Democrat regime cut the allocation of the cure to Republican governors. The utterly corrupt Biden regime justified the cut to Florida on Florida’s lack of a vaccination mandate. The White House claims that Florida is using too much of “limited supplies” of monoclonal antibodies because it doesn’t have a vaccine mandate.

Therapy was introduced at the same time as the vaccine, but flew under the radar until recently

Why is the cure limited but not the ineffectual and dangerous “vaccine?”  

Governor DeSantis has appealed to GlaxoSmithKline to sell the state the Covid cure so that Florida can prevent the dangerous vaccine from destroying the Florida population and terminating civil liberty in Florida, which seems to be the intent of the corrupt and illegitimate Biden regime.

The monoclonal antibodies were used to treat President Trump and cannot be prohibited by hospital protocols.  DeSantis can give the OK to Ivermectin and HCQ but apparently has yet to find a way to impose this successful, safe treatment on hospitals which operate according to Big Pharma’s protocol which is backed up by CDC, NIH, and FDA.

DeSantis is also under attack for not permitting in Florida the mask mandates that are mandatory in Democrat states that have gone totally totalitarian. For now a Federal Court has ruled in DeSantis’ favor.  But the Democrats who brought the case against Florida’s ban against mask mandates are hoping Biden will overrule Florida’s laws with a Federal edict or contrived court case.  

In other words, the Biden regime is determined and will use every power it can find or invent in order to prevent governors from protecting their state populations from Covid, from the dangerous mRNA vaccine, and from the tyranny of authoritarianism.  

How much more proof do you need to comprehend that the Biden regime intends to destroy our health and our freedom? 

Are Americans capable of understanding the situation they are in?

At least in Australia, Europe, and England they are in the streets protesting.


In America the dumbshit sheeple are lining up for the Death Shot.