"The Saker" (ein Blog, d. Red.) thinks that there is no going back from George Floyd.

  • Blacks have gotten away with massive looting.

  • Antifa is not being held accountable for massive violence and property damage.

  • The Democrat and media establishments are using the events against President Trump and all other public officials who tried to protect private property.

Leftists have gone beyond justifying violence to glorifying in it. 


"The Camp of the Saints" (Buch, dt: "Das Heerlager der Heiligen") is playing out before our eyes.  We are living the novel.

It is impermissible to put down violent protests of “stigmatized and marginalized” black Americans. 

But who is more stigmatized than white people,
written off as “Trump deplorables” and “racist white supremacists”? 

  • It is white people, not blacks who have to be careful in their language, to be careful about what parts of what cities they can safely enter.

  • It is white people who are fired, sanctioned, evicted from social media for offending a black person, not the other way around.

  • A white player for the professional soccer team, Los Angeles Galaxy, was let go not because of anything he did, but because his wife posted an Instagram of a black looter holding a shoebox with the caption, “Black Nikes Matter.”

  • It is perfectly acceptable to offend white people.  All is permissible.

The governor of Virginia has ordered the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee from Richmond, the Virginia capital that Robert E. Lee honorably defended for three years from being looted and burned by Union invaders. 

Thanks to Lee, Richmond escaped Atlanta’s fate, but Lee’s statue is being taken down.
It was racist of Lee to defend his state and the property and lives of those in Virginia. 

The truth of the matter is that it is not blacks that have been genocided,
it is Southern people and their history.


The New York Times’ 1619 Project is spreading this genocide of white history to all of North America. 

  • Northern cities are in flames, and Canada won’t escape. 

  • Nor will Europe.

The idiot Northern liberals who think they can use black anger against the despised American South are going to find themselves flayed with the same whip.




Siehe dazu auch:

Das Heerlager der Heiligen
- (französisch 1973: Le Camp des Saints; deutsch 1985) -

ist der Titel eines Buches, in dem der französische Schriftsteller Jean Raspail in fiktionaler Form die gewaltfreie Invasion Europas durch verelendete Menschenmassen der Dritten Welt schildert.

Das Buch wird oft als literarische Antizipation der Flüchtlingskrise in Europa ab 2015 angesehen.

Der Titel des Buches ist von der Offenbarung des Johannes (20,9) inspiriert.



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