Let’s see now. 

  • It was George W. Bush who made a mockery of the Constitution when he asserted the power to detain Americans indefinitely without due process of law. 

  • It was Obama who asserted—and exercised—the right to execute American citizens on suspicion alone without due process of law. 

  • It was Congress which repearedly renews the unconstitutional PATRIOT Act which pisses all over the US Constitution and destroys the constitutional protection of privacy.

The big shot generals all lived through these horors without opening their mouths. 

But OhMyGod the racist Trump is going to frustrate blacks by protecting private property!  He has to go.

This is precisely how France collapses
in Jean Raspail’s famous novel "The Camp of the Saints."

In the United States we are living the novel,
as is most likely all of Europe.  

Good will between races and genders has been destroyed by Identity Politics, and without good will there is only violence.
The age of violence is upon us. 

Our leaders have no awareness and encourage the violence.  

A thug with a long criminal record who was resisting arrest died either from illegal substances he was consuming or from Israeli training of Minnesota police, but it has been declared by the White Establishment to be Murder by Racism,

with the consequence
that American businesses are looted and famous cities are burned
in what the white liberals say
is “just retribution.”

The 21st century is the century that White Civilization will vanish along with its monuments and history books. 

You can read your certain future by reading 
The Camp of the Saints."




Siehe dazu auch:

Das Heerlager der Heiligen
- (französisch 1973: Le Camp des Saints; deutsch 1985) -

ist der Titel eines Buches, in dem der französische Schriftsteller Jean Raspail in fiktionaler Form die gewaltfreie Invasion Europas durch verelendete Menschenmassen der Dritten Welt schildert.

Das Buch wird oft als literarische Antizipation der Flüchtlingskrise in Europa ab 2015 angesehen.

Der Titel des Buches ist von der Offenbarung des Johannes (20,9) inspiriert.