Yesterday (June 26, 2020) the city council in Minneapolis (12 Democrats and 1 Green) unanimously voted to abolish the city’s police department.  For this measure to come into effect, city residents will have to approve it in a November election.

By November the hamstrung police who are prevented from enforcing the laws on the books might all have resigned and moved away.  Regardless, as Minneapolis police are prevented from performing their duty, the Minneapolis voters who elected such a crazed government will possibly have been brought to their senses by violence and the absence of police response and vote down the crazed government.  If not, kiss Minneapolis goodbye. 

The non-woke among the citizenry are already trying to get out, but what sensible person wants to move to Minneapolis?  It is hard to leave town when your house has a mortgage and there is no market for your property.


If you want your city to be another Minneapolis or Seattle, vote Democrat. If you want the entire United States to become Minneapolis or Seattle, elect a Democrat president.  

Indeed, the collapse of white confidence is so total in the US that Republican governments might not make much difference.

The forces of evil have succeeded. The white race is now split:  self-hating white liberals on one side and Trump deplorables on the other.  The latter are marked for extermination politically, economically and culturally, if not physically.





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