A multicultural society requires harmony and a sense of unity.  Instead, America has the teaching of hate and the fomenting of antagonisms.  In such a society there is no perceived common interest, and there is no unity of people to resist expansions of arbitrary government  authority. 

In the US executive orders are taking over from legislation, and presidential pronouncements have overturned constitutional protections.

  • President George W. Bush asserted the right to detain American citizens indefinitely without due process of law. 

  • President Obama asserted the right to execute American citizens on suspicion alone without due process of law.  Unconstitutional privacy violations are now enacted into law.

  • President Trump has asserted the right to suspend the payroll tax.

These are extremely dangerous developments.  They are much more dangerous than “Muslim terrorism,” “white privilege,” “insensitivity to the transgendered,” and other main topics of national concern.  Yet they are ignored by both political parties.  The big civil liberty cause is not the right to due process.  It is the “right” of a biological male to declare himself a female.

In short, the United States is incapable of even recognizing its life-threatening problems, much less doing anything about them.  Collapse is closing in. I might live long enough to write the obituary.





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