If dumbshit Americans don’t quickly wake up, they are going to find themselves living under tyranny worst than Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot.

Already the

  • Democrats have violated the Nuremberg Laws by mandating Covid vaccination.

  • Democrats bankrupted businesses by illegally mandating lockdowns.

  • Democrats have forced the teaching of the anti-white ideology known as Critical Race Theory on public schools that they control, infusing the white children with guilt and distrust of their parents.

  • Democrats are using the public schools to recruit kids into the transgender movement, encouraging young women to mutilate their bodies by having their breasts cut out, and they have forced women to accept men in their toilet facilities and on their sports teams.

A woman, the Democrats allege, is whoever claims to be a woman. This only works for gender, not for race.

Tucker Carlson makes it clear that every white American who is not an ideological anti-white, anti-American, sexually perverted, morally vacant Democrat is on the extermination list.





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