The 2017 American Renaissance Conference: "Turning the Tide."

Helmuth Nyborg, professor emeritus of the University of Aarhus, begins by pointing out the clear relationship between distance from the equator and both brain size and intelligence. At or close to the equator, the average IQ is 69, whereas at a latitude of 54 degrees the average is 98. Prof. Nyborg observes that races could be logically be classified as “eco-types,” since their traits reflect the ecological niches in which they evolved.

Prof. Nyborg also notes that unlike the north/south gradient in IQ there is no East/West gradient, virtually proving that it is the challenges of a cold climate that have forced northern peoples to evolve higher intelligence and a greater capacity for cooperation. He points out that Arabs have lower-than-expected IQs relative to the latitudes in which they evolved, probably due to the dysgenic effects of frequent cousin marriages.

Two forces could destroy Western Civilization. One is a social system that taxes the competent to subsidize the proliferation of the incompetent. As Prof. Nyborg notes, “The welfare-state debases what created high civilization in the first place. This is the first time in history that the less fit are reproducing more than the more fit.”

At the same time, lower-IQ non-Europeans are pouring into the continent, bringing with them alien practices and religions. Prof. Nyborg concludes with a warning: Unless Europeans are able to reverse these two trends, “the result could be the undoing of the Enlightenment. We may be on the precipice of a new Dark Age.”



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Stefan Molyneux speaks with Dr. Helmuth Nyborg about human intelligence, including: general intelligence factor, racial differences in intelligence, impact of age on intelligence, gender differences in intelligence, physical differences between ethnicities, brain size, regression to the mean and the unintended consequences of third world immigration.

Dr. Helmuth Nyborg is a retired professor of developmental psychology at Aarhus University in Denmark - and is the author of many studies on human intelligence, personality, evolution, hormones and achievement.
For more from Dr. Nyborg, please go to: http://www.helmuthnyborg.dk

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