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Who is the Antichrist and what is the Apocalypse ?


The earliest Christians following the Twelve Apostles often spoke and wrote about the arrival of the Antichrist before the return of Jesus Christ at the end of time.

Best-selling author and professor Dr. Taylor Marshall provides an easy to understand collection of Church Fathers, Saints, and Mystics as he pulls back the curtain on the end times prophecies of the Book of Revelation - the Book originally called The Apocalypse.

In these exciting pages, you will discover

  • The meaning of Apocalypse and why Christ uses the term Apocalypse.

  • The ten prophecies about the future Antichrist.

  • The meaning of the seven seals, seven trumpets, and seven plagues.

  • The true meaning of Armageddon.

  • How the Mark of the Beast and 666 relate to Old Testament prophecies.

  • The identity of the Harlot of Babylon and the Beast.

  • How the Book of Revelation / Apocalypse is the most hopeful book of the Bible.


Rezension aus Deutschland vom 19. September 2022

The biblical book of Apocalypse is one of the most challenging, if not the most challenging book of the Holy Bible to read, study and comprehend, because we are dealing here with genuine divine revelation par excellence. Man is absolutely not advised to go through this most mysterious biblical book without a proper exegetical guide that provides you with sufficient and relevant background information and accurate explanations of terms, phrases and paragraphs of the Apocalypse

Now with this work Marshall brilliantly provides the most ideal solution to this problem:

it serves as a fairly comprehensive answer key to the book of Apocalypse. Prior to commenting on the book of Apocalypse, he competently introduces the Book and its major themes. I love Marhsall's perfectly readable style. He starts each new section with ample quotations. He translates terms of ancient languages. He ideally backs all his points with compact summaries of background knowledge required. which is most helpful for the reader. He addresses controversial questions, e.g. if there is only one antichrist or are there many or did the antichrist already come. He makes references to Church Fathers. His analyses contain church history, history of dogma, discussions of heresies, discussions and summaries of facts about the Antichrist and his coming.

Marshall shows that reading Apocalypse can be much better understood by reading it through the eyes of the Old Testament and the Church Fathers. What I highly appreciate is, in this book Marshall features all relevant quotations from the Bible or the Church Fathers or other sources where appropriate, so that the reader is not forced to doublecheck with the sources himself. This really adds to the comfort and eyes opening experience of the reader.

Marhsall shows that the Apocalypse is the map on our quest for eternal life. We learn that Apocalypse literally means taking away the veil. In this book the veil is taken away, and we see human history and its climax from God’s point of view. It is the “revelation” of what God has done, is doing, and will do to finally redeem and restore the creation that He initiated.

This book is so much more than a mere biblical commentary. Marshall proves that Apocalypse is the fulfillment of earlier made prophecies, the culmination of mankind's salvation history brought about by Christ. He argues: “To understand the Antichrist and the Apocalypse, you must understand the teaching of Christ and His Apostles about false Christs, false prophets, the Man of Sin, and the many lesser antichrists in general.” And that is why Marshall incorporates all this in a compact manner.

The Apocalypse takes away the veil. In this life, we see things as jumbled and mixed. But when we remove the veil, we see God against Satan. Kingdom against Kingdom. Bride against harlot. Christ against Antichrist. And Marshall's book is the perfect guide that most excitingly and comprehensively takes us through this journey of ceil removal.

A must-read for every Christian in order to enhance one's knowledge with respect to Christian faith, doctrine, theology, (salvation) history of mankind, biblical exegesis, God, Satan, Christ.....

Marshall brings it all together.
This book is an eye-opener for sure !

Thanks a million, Dr. Taylor Marshall !