There is growing evidence that COVID-19, which has killed over 3.5 million people and counting, escaped from China's Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Gordon Chang warns that the Chinese Communist Party is researching even deadlier pathogens for use as biological weapons against non-Chinese.


Weltwoche: Wherever the virus first came from, once it was in the open infecting humans, China turned it into a biological weapon. That's what you're saying?

Chang: Yes. That we know for sure. That's not speculation. We know all the facts that lead to that.


Weltwoche: U. S. President Joe Biden made a 180 degree turn on the lab leak theory. He told American intelligence to get to the bottom of this within 90 days. Is it possible to do that knowing that the Chinese leadership won’t cooperate?

Chang: Possible, but not likely. If we have, for instance, phone intercepts, if we have documents, which is not impossible, then we can maybe know. Now, the CIA has been spectacularly incompetent when it comes to the collection of information from China. I'm not hopeful. But the U.S. is very good at signals intercept. So, we very well may know the phone calls. Let's take Biden's May 26th statement at face value. It appears that they don't know, they don't currently have, the information that would give them a high degree of confidence. If they don't have it, if they didn't have it on May 26th, they're not going to have it on August 24th, the 90th day after the issuance of that order.


Weltwoche: In other words, you're not hopeful that after the 90 days, we'll have a clear cut picture about the origins of the deadly COVID-19 virus?

Chang: I'm not confident. I don't want the assessments of a highly politicized U.S. intelligence community. What I want is the underlying data. They can disclose a lot of that because we're not unintelligent. We're not stupid people. We can figure this out.

And we know enough to make policy decisions on what should be done because we know that China deliberately spread this disease. They turned it into a biological weapon if it wasn't one. So, we can act now. I don't know what 90 days is going to do for us, except it means that more people are going to die.