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Impaired by dementia, Biden is cognitively unfit and unable to fulfill duties of the office he holds.

His condition will likely worsen to Alzheimer’s Disease, entirely incapacitating him cognitively.

Psychology explained dementia as follows:

It’s “a progressive loss of cognitive function, marked by memory problems, trouble communicating, impaired judgment, and confused thinking.” 

“Dementia most often occurs around age 65 and older but is a more severe form of decline than normal aging.”

“People who develop dementia may lose the ability to regulate their emotions, especially anger, and their personalities may change.”

Up to 80% of cognitively impaired individuals with dementia develop Alzheimer’s Disease, about five million Americans affected.

Biden has been declining cognitively for some time. The condition steadily worsens over time.

He can’t perform his duties. Yet establishment media conceal his deteriorated state.


Does any of the above sound like a coherent, effectively functioning head of state?

How long will the charade continue before Biden is replaced by president-in-waiting Harris?

Isn’t this what was planned all along, most of the public none the wiser.

A Final Comment

Because Biden is too cognitively impaired to speak more that a few lines at most in public, a look-alike double represents him when delivering public remarks of any length, including addresses.


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