Speaking about the upcoming Vatican Conference on Health, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò reaffirmed

that "Rome will lose the Faith," and the Church is currently in Eclipse will a Counter-Magisterium is in place.

One might ask, how can this be the case of the Catholic Church and the Apostolic See of Rome is indefectable ?



I'll cover Church Fathers (eg, St Jerome, St Augustine, St John Chrysostome) and St Robert Bellarmine, and more:

  • Did Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò say Pope Francis is Antichrist?

  • Can Pope be the Antichrist?

Some are accusing Archbishop Viganò of saying that Pope Francis IS the Antichrist. They also wrongly assume that Archbishop Vigano denies the indefectibility of the Apostolic See of Rome.

This is based on his use of the adjective "antichristic" in his recent declaration regarding the Vatican Health Conference when he refers to the "Antichristic counter magisterium."


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