On today’s Dr. Jane Ruby Show, Dr. Jane welcomes back Brother Alexis Bugnolo,

Catholic scholar and editor and publisher of FromRome.info, an electronic journal for news and commentary on Rome, Italy, the Vatican, and the Catholic Church

and who has researched the communist CIA ties to the current pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, aka Francis, a Jesuit, pedophile protecting full on globalist and communist, whose parents, ironically fled fascist Italy and Mussolini.

This fascinating interview ties the history, criminal communist cabal and CIA in to the current Covid scam and world tyranny.

This is the Dr Jane Ruby Show and you’re about to enter truth in medicine, history and religion.




The conclusion is clear: that the Globalists have decided to enslave humanity by 2030. Their slogan, “You will own nothing and be happy” is the cover for the establishment of a new, demonic Feudalism, in which no more than 500 Million of us will be allowed to live, and these will serve as genetically re-engineered slaves of the elite of the elite, perhaps some 5000 families, who will own everything, and be able to do whatever they want without regard to any norm of morality or ethics.

This elite has been working towards this goal for more than 100 years and has crafted an intricate, interlocking network of financial, economic, political, religious and social organizations and groups to push an entirely false narrative as a cover for advancing step-by-step to that moment in history in which they could launch their Armageddon against Humanity with impunity, and with the least possible resistance from the unwashed masses of useless-eaters.

This is the War which was launched against Humanity in January 2020. Every other narrative about current events is merely a cover or distraction to keep us from recognizing this.

These Globalists have been convicted in the court of public opinion on the basis of their own deeds and words, without any recourse to theories of collaboration or conspiracy.

For these reasons, the Free Peoples of the Earth must now take decisive coordinated action. We must act and not react, because the time is short, and our genocide has already been put into motion.


Therefore, empowered by the Natural Rights due every Human Person, we declare the Globalist Elite to be OUTLAWS, guilty of capital crimes and by every rational and reasonable measure deserving of immediate arrest, detention, trial and condemnation.

We hereby call upon all our fellow brothers and sisters of the Human Race, to rise up against this Global Conspiracy and take whatever actions are necessary to remove from power, ownership and control, anyone who is cooperating with it.

This is our call to rebellion, revolution, and liberty.

As a Race we cannot survive, as we have always lived on Earth, without it!



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