Throughout the history of the United States of America, an epic battle has been fought between the bankers and the patriotic Presidents over who has the power to create and issue money.

In this video, we look at 4 US Presidents (Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield & John F Kennedy) and 1 Congressman (Louis McFadden) who fell victim to the banks in their attempt to reform the monetary / banking system. How many more need to be killed just to have an honest banking system?

In 1913, the current US Central Bank deceptively called "The Federal Reserve" was established. This private corporation has a monopoly over the creation of the US money supply. New money is not spent into the economy - it is LOANED. Therefore an equal amount of debt is created with each and every new dollar. Due to the INTEREST charged, the debt level grows at a faster rate than the money supply which results in perpetual debt, constant inflation, mass bankruptcy and periodic recessions / depressions. The root cause of economic collapse including the current "Global Financial Crisis" is explained. It also becomes obvious why The Fed will do ANYTHING to retain its enormous power.

We must unite and make our voices heard: END THE FED!

Music at intro by Eminem "White America". Some video footage taken from "Zeitgeist Addendum".




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