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  • Aus einem Kommentar zum obigen YouTube-Film (en): 

    '.... Agenda - destroy Nationalism by flooding the Country with refugees and other cultures who have no loyalty to the nation. Create unpayable debt for Countries so that they are beholden to their creditors. Promote National goverments to gravitate to the UN and sign onto giving them control of their soviergnty. Create a common boogeyman for the people like Man made climate change. and tax the air they breathe in the form of carbon taxes. Turn the middle class into have nots. And when you can't destroy a countries nationalism create a terrorist group like BLM to sow the seeds of civil unrest so the government can declare martial law and force people to comply with the NWO. Once all this is done the Anti Christ can then divide the world into 12 regions and appoint his 12 kings.









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In new Wikileaks drops from her Chief of Staff, John Podesta, there are emails from the Hillary campaign discussing how badly the Muslim migrants have been for Germany and the rest of Europe.


“Multiculturalism – the human variant of mad cow disease – seems to have run its course in much of Europe, but is still going strong in Germany. Tune into German television or visit German news websites, and it’s like going back in time to much darker days. Most (but definitely not all!) German media coverage of Turkish and other Muslim immigrants is just one big blur of Multikulti twaddle. In fact, the reporting is so delightfully deceitful that it becomes entertaining in a demented freaky sort of way. In strident denial of staring-them-in-the-face immigration calamities, the vast majority of German journalists continue to preach the multicultural gospel with all the religious fervor of snake-oil televangelists, threatening the growing number of apostates with fire and brimstone.  







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