Paul Craig Roberts

Readers agree that the demonization of white people is unfair and divisive.

Many report that they have experienced reverse discrimination, and they expect discrimination against whites, such as the announced anti-white policy of the New York public school system, to worsen as the media’s demonization of white people escalates.

A few readers noted that both the Jewish and Armenian genocides are disputed. They asked if there are any historical episodes of genocides. A few others noted that even when white Americans become a minority, it will be a large and numerous minority and, thus, too numerous for a genocide.


The United States is still a country where the core population remains white, but white people unless they are anti-white do not control the explanations.

A small handful controls the explanations, and the explanations are unfavorable for white Americans. This brings us back to readers’ questions:

Do genocides occur in history ?

Cultural genocide is already underway in the New York school system, Cambridge University, and the New York Times’ 1619 Project.

Many people, including Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Orlov, have commented on Western civilization’s loss of confidence.

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The white world is overrun with immigrants taught by Identity Politics to hate white people and all their works.

Classical music, being a white activity, has been branded racist.  There is an effort underway to prove that Beethoven was partly black so we can continue to listen to classical music without being white supremacists.

As for physical genocides, if we can believe historians,

  • the Romans exterminated the Carthaginians, a powerful military people.

  • In the 6th century Justinian the Great in his reconquest of much of the Western Roman Empire

    • exterminated the Vandals in North Africa

    • and the Goths in Italy,

      both known for their ability to defeat Roman armies and occupy the territory of Rome.

  • The Soviet communist government exterminated the Cossacks, a warrior class.

  • Mao’s government exterminated Chinese landowners and other “undesirable elements.”

  • The Spanish had their way with the Aztecs, Mayas, and Incas, powerful warrior rulers who vastly outnumbered the Spanish colonialists.

  • Lincoln’s Union army exterminated the American Plains Indians. This was the army that allegedly fought to free black slaves.

  • In Africa we have the Rwanda genocide.

  • In South Africa black extremists are calling for the eradication of white South Africans.

  • Israel committed genocide against Palestinians by stealing the land and driving the Palestinians into refugee camps abroad and walled off ghettos.

There have been plenty of genocides.

When the New York Times reinvents American history, will the Times report the facts that the first slaves in the British colonies were white and that there are more white descendants of slaves in the US today than black descendants of slaves? You can bet your life that the Times will not. It doesn’t fit the agenda.

Why do elite American whites demonize their white fellow citizens? Do they stupidly think that they are exempt from the demonization? Little doubt they are this stupid. If they were to read Jean Raspail’s The Camp of the Saints they would awaken from their delusions.

There is no doubt that today white Americans are intimidated.

If a white person stands up for him or herself, it is regarded as proof that they are a white supremacist. A white person is expected to grovel and admit guilt and beg forgiveness or mercy. Seldom do they receive it.

I know that white people are intimidated, because some of my friends tell me to shut up.

You can’t speak these truths. You will get yourself and your friends in trouble.

They seem to think that the way to escape the threat is not to acknowledge it.

So here we have the true picture of the American “white supremacist”:

  • (1) people so afraid that they are pissing in their pants, or

  • (2) insouciant people in total denial that they are under deadly attack and have nowhere to run.

So, the answer to the question is yes, white genocide is possible.

Indeed, the preparations are already underway.

Depending on where they live, white Americans mainly see white people, and what I have written will seem a fantasy to them, just as Lenin and the Bolsheviks seemed a fantasy to the Russian liberals who overthrew the Tsar.

The facts, however, are unfavorable to a demonized white population that is a small percentage of the world’s population.

Already in America a person can prove his or her moral superiority by demonizing white people.

When the white population has to turn against itself to survive, death is already upon them.






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