Paul Craig Roberts

Dean Baquet, the executive editor of the presstitute New York Times, announced on August 12, 2019, the “1619 Project” which reinvents American history and reduces it to racism and slavery. 

As I wrote in my remarks on the project on August 22, 2019, the New York Times has an agenda which is to dehumanize and demoralize white Americans of the original colonial era ethnic stock

so that left indefensible and overwhelmed with guilt they will accept their fate as their country is overrun by non-white immigrants touted by the New York Times as the real founders of the country.  

The 1619 Project portrays white people as the source of all evil in America.  The project is distinctly anti-white.  Nothing comparable could be said about blacks, Jews, or any other race or ethnicity as the 1619 Project says about white people.  Only white people can be demonized like this.  It is the intention of the New York Times that the 1619 project becomes the basis for the American history curriculum in all schools.  The Buffalo, New York, public school system has already announced that the 1619 project is required for all students. 

The teaching of hatred of white people is on its way to being the primary goal of US education.

Liberal historians have complained about the untruthfullness that characterizes the project, but American liberalism has already been swept away by Identity Politics, the ideology of the Democrat Party, which teaches that white people are the oppressor class and everyone else is the victim class. 

Hillary Clinton herself labeled the American working class the “Trump Deplorables.”


The New York Times “1619 Project” is just another falsification of history like

  • World War I,

  • World War II,

  • the so-called Civil War,

  • the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Malcolm X,

  • the USS Liberty,

  • 9/11 and on and on. 

The difference is that the 1619 Project fosters in the minds of racial minorities, which demographics show to be temporary minorities,

the belief that people of color are morally superior to white people,
with the consequence that in the future white people
will face second class citizenship if not genocide. 

There can be no doubt whatsoever that the New York Times, whether intentionally or stupidly, is destroying racial, social and political stability in the United States. 

The social violence that will result from teaching hatred of white people will be horrendous.



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If the demonization of Jews led to the Holocaust, what will the demonization of White People lead to ?

Paul Craig Roberts

The New York Times’ assault on white Americans, about which I wrote yesterday ( https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2020/02/11/the-new-york-times-assault-on-white-americans/ ), is not unique to the New York Times. 

White people are the targets of Identity Politics—the political ideology of the Democrat Party. 

The demonization of white people is the main focus of “Black Studies” in universities and schools.  Corporate adds now engage in attacks on white ethnicities, such as this Scandinavian Airlines ad: https://youtu.be/ljtFEMAfQ_E . 

Not to be left out of the fun of beating up on white people, PBS announced that the propaganda film, The Long Shadow ( http://thelongshadowfilm.com ), will be aired 697 times on 176 PBS stations and channels across 70% of the US.


What is wrong with the New York Times, PBS, universities, and Democrats that they are unable to comprehend that for the United States slavery was an inherited institution, not one created by the Founding Fathers or by Southerners?

The answer is that they are determined not to understand anything.  The intent is to demonize white people. 

If Jews are demonized, it is hate speech and anti-semitism.

If blacks are demonized, it is hate speech and racism.

But when whites are demonized it is OK, but it is not OK for whites to protest their demonization.  So, how is there white privilege when whites are the only race whose demonization is encouraged, and, if whites protest, it is regarded as proof that they are unrepentant white supremacists?

The demonization of white people is so out of hand that today white Americans and Europeans are demonized worse that Jews were demonized in National Socialist Germany.  No good can come from this.  Swedish women are already paying a huge price (https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2020/02/09/swedish-government-aligned-firmly-with-migrant-invader-rapist-murderers-against-swedish-women/ ).





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