And here’s the interesting thing: Trump’s pro-worker, pro-taxpayer activism is also proving to be pro-business.  It’s a win for all three sectors; call it a national win-win-win.  And it only makes sense: If there are more American workers with big paychecks buying things and paying their fair share of taxes, that’s good both for American business and for Uncle Sam’s budget.


Thankfully, that strange and unfair policy choice by Uncle Sam—to ignore the interests of the broad middle class while catering to ever more avant-garde sub-categories—seems to be coming to an end.  

So it’s possible, perhaps even likely, that under President Trump we will once again become a nation for all Americans—even Middle Americans.  We could yet be the “city on a hill” that Ronald Reagan so eloquent described.  That is, a true center-right “Team America,” united in its determination to work hard and do well, with US citizens coming first.