Public Health Authorities Are Lying
About Vaccines Protecting You From A Life-Threatening COVID-19 Infection

By Bill Sardi

[NOTE by Paul Craig Roberts (PCR):  How are we ever to know before it is too late what is correct when social media and public health authorities censor all dissenting views and prevent public discussion and when media is used only as a propaganda tool to force down our throats what the Establishment wants?

A hard and fast rule is that any claim that cannot be investigated is false.  My understanding is that Bill Sardi is a nutritionist.  We need public discussion of his claims by virologists and immunologists, but this is prevented.

 Why?  Why is the world’s population being driven in directions that serve agendas other than public health?  PCR]

Do you realize that you are soon going to be forced to submit to inoculation with an experimental gene-altering injection that really isn’t a vaccine regardless of whether you already have antibodies against COVID-19 or not, and regardless of your vulnerability to serious side effects (frailty, autoimmunity, allergy)?  And irrespective of your age, given youngsters risk for infection and death approaches zero. 

The schools are saying they won’t re-open without vaccination with an unproven experimental “vaccine.”

COVID-19 vaccination will now be in your face everywhere you go.  Chain drug and Big Box stores are now in collaboration with the federal government to unroll in-store vaccination.

God only know which vaccine Americans will get.  Health advisors say four out of the first seven vaccines tested are expected to fail, thus exposing large segments of the population to needless side effects, some which may be life-long since RNA and DNA COVID-19 vaccines may alter the genetic makeup of individuals forever. 

Might as well have the vaccination team wear Swastikas and have box cars ready to haul off refusers to internment camps. 

The current plan to indiscriminately vaccinate the entire population violates the first dictum of modern medicine: “first do no harm.” 

America is just a step away from blocking your access to food and medicine unless you vaccinate.  The next step after that will be to require vaccination upon hospital admission.


Repeat of what happened in 1918

If you don’t want the vaccine, you had better stay healthy. 

This is heinous medical experimentation, not preventive vaccination.  The vaccine studies are only intended to show immunization allays symptoms for a short while, not whether vaccination prevents infection or saves lives. 

But those who administer these shots will be immune from prosecution and legal liability because these inoculations are administered under so-called emergency life-threatening conditions. 

Go figure. 

Lives are threatened, so they say,
so Nuremberg and Helsinki protections are thrown to the wind.




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