Paul Craig Roberts


Is it made up, fake news to allow excess profits to sellers? Is it a product of the mindless Covid lockdowns that destroyed many businesses and disrupted many supply chains? In other words, the lockdowns reduced supply. If demand did not reduce correspondingly, prices rise. Is inflation a produce of Washington’s sanctions when the Wall Street Journal reports that Russia’s oil exports have increased by 300,000 barrels daily? Why are food prices going up? Why are some African countries allegedly experiencing starvation? Is it fake news, or is it the result of the Western world forcing countries out of being self-sufficient in food into producing one export crop and importing their food from the US? In other words, has “globalism” been successfully used to create a monopoly over food supply, a monopoly that is using the “Russian excuse” to raise prices?

Whatever your answers are, the only conclusions at which you can arrive is that “your government” is either totally incompetent or acting against your interests and those of everyone else in the world.

Are Americans too insouciant and gullible to be aware that they live in a world of lies created by their rulers and sustained by the presstitutes? Donald Trump brought just over half of US citizens into this realization, resulting in his two presidential elections. But the realization was not strong enough for the majority of the voters to prevent the corrupt and evil Democrats from stealing the election from Trump. Of course, it wasn’t just the Democrats wanting the powers of office for their perverted agendas of critical race theory, identity politics, transgender indoctrination, and other extraordinary assaults on the authority of parents and morality. We are living under a full scale assault by Democrats on normality, on the US Constitution, on truth, on morality.

Trump and the Republicans are themselves far from a reliable defender of freedom, free speech, and free thought. Republicans have supported the PATRIOT Act and all other legislation that erodes liberty in the name of security, just as Benjamin Franklin, a Founding Father, said would happen.

Scare the Americans and they run into the embrace of the totalitarian state.