The White House is watching the meeting 'very, very closely' as it warns against potential ceasefire calls on Ukraine
Retired Lt. Gen. watched tape of Putin's Mariupol visit. Here's what he saw

CNN military analyst Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling (ret.) explains the impact of Russian President Vladimir Putin's surprise visit to Mariupol, Ukraine.

Putin heckled during surprise visit
What Putin's visit to Mariupol signals to the world

Vladimir Putin has made a "working visit" to Russian-occupied Mariupol, in an apparently defiant move reported just days after the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for him.

Analysis: Xi makes 'journey of friendship' to Moscow

For Chinese leader Xi Jinping, his high-profile state visit to Russia and meeting with President Vladimir Putin this week is a timely opportunity to showcase China's growing diplomatic clout on the world stage and its ambition to challenge the US-led global order.

Bali loses patience with those fleeing war in Ukraine

With its balmy beaches, laid back lifestyles and holiday vibe, the tropical paradise of Bali has much to offer any world weary traveler -- let alone those fleeing a war zone.

NATO fighter jets intercept Russian aircraft

British and German fighter jets intercepted a Russian aircraft flying close to Estonian airspace Friday, according to a statement from the UK's Royal Air Force (RAF).

Opinion: Why US is beating Russia in the Black Sea

For 30 to 40 minutes in international airspace over the Black Sea on Tuesday morning local time, two Russian fighter jets harried a slow-moving American surveillance drone by flying dangerously close to it and dumping fuel over it, according to the US military.

Why a Trump indictment would have huge national implications

? Trump's legal team seeks to throw out Georgia special grand jury report ? The legal clouds that hang over Trump in 2023 ? Video: How would the Secret Service handle a possible Trump arrest? Ex-agent explains

One big problem down, too many others left to go in banking crisis

? LIVE UPDATES 'Doubly penalized': Swiss pension funds consider legal action ? Video: Writer rips VC's role in SVB collapse

As Bruce Willis turns 68, his wife says she is celebrating and grieving

Bruce Willis' wife Emma Heming shared a moving message about caring for her husband actor Bruce Willis as he celebrates his 68th birthday, The family revealed that the actor was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia last month.

Effort to exhume body is a search for answers, attorneys say, not 'Murdaugh 2.0'

Attorneys for the family of Stephen Smith say their effort to exhume the 19-year-old's body is an attempt to provide his mother answers about what led to his death -- and has nothing to do with the family of Alex Murdaugh.

For second time in history, 3 people completed one of the world's toughest races

For the second time in the race's history, a record three athletes have completed the grueling Barkley Marathons, an unusual and near-impossible competition held each year in Tennessee.

Conservative author is asked to define 'woke'. Her response went viral

Conservative author Bethany Mandel, whose new book is centered around the term "woke," struggled to define it during an interview. CNN anchor Abby Phillip and the "Inside Politics" panel discuss the debate surrounding the term.

A world-famous soccer club is up for sale. Its fans wait anxiously to see who will buy it next

The owners of Manchester United are more than simply the custodians of a soccer club.

NBA legend roasts Adam Sandler's basketball skills

"Inside the NBA" analyst Kenny Smith breaks down the good, bad and ugly of Adam Sandler's basketball skills. Adam Sandler will be honored by the Kennedy Center's Mark Twain Prize for American Humor on CNN Sunday, March 26 at 9 p.m. ET.

His crimes were a basis for 'Silence of the Lambs.' Victim's sister has mixed feelings about his execution

Tracey Lomax watched from the viewing room of a state prison in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, as her sister's killer received a lethal injection.

Off-duty police captain repeatedly asks sergeant to stop filming DUI arrest

An Oklahoma City police sergeant refused to turn off his body camera while arresting an off-duty police captain for drunk driving.

The world's happiest countries for 2023

There's cause for optimism in the latest report on world happiness.

Dentist arrested in 'heinous, complex and calculated' poisoning death of his wife

A Colorado dentist was arrested early Sunday morning on murder charges in the poisoning death of his wife, according to a release from the Aurora Police Department.

2 students injured in high school shooting outside of Dallas

Two students were injured in a shooting at Lamar High School in Arlington, Texas, according to a statement from local police.

American citizen held hostage for 6 years in West Africa has been freed

An American aid worker who was kidnapped in Niger more than six years ago and held hostage by terrorists has been released, President Joe Biden's national security adviser Jake Sullivan tweeted on Monday.

The world is running out of time to avoid catastrophe, new UN report warns

The world is rapidly approaching catastrophic levels of heating with international climate goals set to slip out of reach unless immediate and radical action is taken, according to a new UN-backed report.

Graphic shows all the changes in global temperature since 1850

The rise in global temperatures could have devastating effects on landscapes, ecosystems and even the human body. Climate experts explain why this matters and what can be done to stabilize the planet's temperature.

Five Connecticut kids killed in NY car crash

Five kids were killed and another was injured after their car veered off a road and crashed into a tree early Sunday in the New York metropolitan area, according to authorities.

Top seed Stanford upset in women's NCAA tourney
Maggie Haberman reveals Trump is 'very anxious' ahead of possible indictment. Hear why

CNN political analyst and New York Times senior political correspondent Maggie Haberman discusses how former President Donald Trump is preparing for a possible indictment from the Manhattan district attorney.

Opinion: We've been drinking dangerous chemicals for far too long

President Joe Biden pledged to make the toxic "forever chemicals," also known as per- and polyfluorinated substances, or PFAS, a priority during his campaign. When the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a proposed drinking water standard for six PFAS compounds last week, he delivered on his promise.

Researchers uncover secret, coded messages written before queen's execution

Here's how researchers found and deciphered 50 secretly coded letters that Mary, Queen of Scots wrote while she was imprisoned in England. Discovery's Curiosity Daily podcast helps you get smarter about the world around you. Find Curiosity Daily today on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get podcasts. Listen now.

The way Google handled layoffs stunned people both inside and outside the company

On the morning of January 20, one Google employee had to call tech support after getting hit with an unusual error message when they tried to log in to their work system.

Amazon to lay off 9,000 more workers

Amazon is cutting 9,000 more jobs, CEO Andy Jassy announced Monday in a memo to staff.

Meta's massive layoffs raise questions about Zuckerberg's strategy as company morale sinks

"A challenging period."

Layoffs are making headlines. What's really going on in the job market

Amazon, Salesforce, Meta, Twitter. It seems like everyday, more layoffs are announced, especially in tech. At the same time, there are more than 10 million job openings in the United States and hiring remains robust. Christine Romans explains why the layoff headlines don't reflect a weak job market?at least not yet.

There are new rules about severance agreements. Here's what you need to know

There have been many questions raised about the implications and reach of a recent decision by the National Labor Relations Board to prohibit employers from requiring laid off workers to sign certain types of non-disparagement and confidentiality clauses if they want to receive severance.

Podcast: Do you feel the pressure to look perfect online? Dr. Sanjay Gupta pulls back the curtain on the impact filters have on your brain.
This country wanted a 69-hour workweek. Millennials and Gen Z had other ideas

? Macron faces no-confidence votes over hated pension reforms ? Video: Paris is burning: Protesters set city ablaze amid France's retirement age controversy

Protesters set city ablaze amid France's retirement age controversy

The French government has forced through controversial plans to raise the country's retirement age from 62 to 64, a move that is sparking protest movements around the country. CNN's Sam Kiley has the details.

Opinion: Why the French are so furious with Macron

An American visitor to Paris emailed me after her stroll Thursday night: "I was walking home from dinner in rue du Cirque when I saw the cars on fire. At Rue Royale, they were hurling tear gas. To get to my hotel in the Rue des Capucines, the street was on fire from both ends! Is Paris burning? In my street YES!! Now in my room I can smell smoke."

Forecasters fear rapid snowmelt in the Midwest could turn into major flooding

This winter season has truly been remarkable to see snowfall of epic proportions blanket upstate New York, the Midwest and the mountains of the West.

They bought a ghost village in Italy then left it to crumble

With more and more dwindling Italian towns offering up neglected homes at bargain prices, snapping up an abandoned house in the country has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Tokyo's bold fashion scene

In Tokyo's Shibuya district, fashion enthusiasts came out in droves for this month's Rakuten Fashion Week donning a mix of brightly-colored and experimental garments.

Watch: Video shows family's great white shark encounter. See what happens next

A North Dakota family caught a great white shark while on vacation in Florida. CNN affiliate WSVN has the story.

Global banking crisis: What just happened?

On March 10, the biggest failure of a US bank since the global financial crisis was playing out in real time as a major lender to the tech industry succumbed to a classic bank run.

Starbucks' new CEO steps in two weeks early

Starbucks' new CEO Laxman Narasimhan has taken over the reins from interim CEO Howard Schultz, about two weeks sooner than planned.

Silicon Valley Bank left a void that won't easily be filled

It's difficult to overstate the influence that Silicon Valley Bank had over the startup world and the ripple effect its collapse this month had on the global tech sector and banking system.

Dollar Tree can't afford to sell eggs anymore

Eggs have gotten too expensive for Dollar Tree.

Price hikes are double whammy for pet owners

As head of PAWS Atlanta, Joe Labriola can get a good sense of the region's economic well-being from the day-to-day activity of the city's oldest no-kill animal shelter.

A head-to-toe guide of how men should dress this spring, and where they should shop
Moon Pod's zero-gravity seating is on sale right now for Underscored readers
The essentials list: Fashion designer Rachel Zoe shares her style, beauty and wellness essentials
We tested the Tovala Smart Oven Air Fryer and it sure beats takeout for individual meals
The Samsung Frame TV is up to $800 off right now
Linen sheets are a sleep game changer: Here are 5 we love
Are silk pillowcases worth it? Absolutely. Here's why.
Le Labo Santal 33 vs. Dossier Woody Sandalwood: Is the $200 fragrance worth it?
The viral Stanley Quencher is on sale for the first time ever for REI members
Cult-favorite Swedish dishcloths are at their lowest price ever
Save up to $850 on the Galaxy S23 Ultra with this great Discover Samsung deal
The best sales to shop today: Crocs, EarFun, Universal Standard and more
Asking if this war was worth it is the wrong question

One of the best-known quotations attributed to French philosopher Albert Camus is the assertion that "fiction is the lie through which we tell the truth."

SVB collapse doesn't have to be the first in a chain

When Silicon Valley Bank collapsed this month, analysts and policymakers quickly began considering how to prevent similar failures from happening in the future. While there are changes that lawmakers should consider, when it comes to financial regulation, history shows us that politicians are usually reacting to the last crisis and one step behind the next one.

The harsh reality beneath March Madness glory

It's March Madness, an American institution. Fans from across the nation watch with bated breath, hoping that their favorite college teams advance to the next round and that their brackets aren't busted by the unexpected win of an underdog squad.

Republicans' end run around Black Mississippians is being copied in other states

Headlines this week trumpeted the infuriating news that the state of Texas was planning a takeover of the Houston Independent School District, one of the largest and most diverse school populations in the nation, where 90% of students are Black and brown.

ICC arrest warrant for Putin is a stunning statement

When the International Criminal Court (ICC) announced on Friday that it had issued arrest warrants for Russian President Vladimir Putin and another key Russian official for charges related to an alleged scheme to forcibly deport thousands of Ukrainian children to Russia, it also effectively placed Putin's name on a short list alongside some of the most brutal leaders the world has seen since the end of World War II. With that, it branded him before the entire world ? including the Russian people ? as an international pariah, potentially guilty of historically egregious crimes.

SE Cupp: Republicans' claim to be the party of family is now meaningless

In this week's episode of "Unfiltered," SE Cupp argues that former Vice President Mike Pence's crude joke about Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg taking "maternity leave" shows a lack of compassion for a father of twins, a lack of support for adoptive parents and a lack of commitment to family values.

'Good Burger' sequel to reunite Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell

The order is up for audiences who have been hungry for a "Good Burger" sequel.

Adam Sandler's famous friends celebrate his Mark Twain Award

The stars came out for Adam Sandler's big night.

Taylor Swift travels through time during opening night of the 'Eras Tour'

Baby, let the games begin.

'The Great British Bake Off' finds new co-host

There's baking news out of the UK.

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