A Rare View of the Met Gala

For most of us, fashion?s party of the year ends with the red carpet. But our reporter got a look inside.

Lady Gaga?s Many Met Gala Dresses on the 2019 Red Carpet

One look simply was not enough for Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.

Pasteles and Two Kinds of Fried Chicken at the Freakin Rican

After trying out his act on the street-fair circuit, a Puerto Rican chef settles down in Queens.

Katy Perry Comes With Extra Cheese

Inside the Met Gala after-parties held by Gucci, Moschino and the Top of the Standard.

In Oklahoma, a ?Vastly Different? Kind of House

The neighbors in Tulsa may think it looks like a modernist museum, but that suits one art collector just fine.

Leonia, N.J.: A Suburb of Artists, in Easy Reach of Manhattan

Known for its creative community, the Bergen County borough is said to have ?more oboists per capita? than anywhere else. But look out for the traffic.

Does This Dress Make Me Look Guilty?

This week Anna Sorokin, Elizabeth Holmes and Cardi B all provided a visual brief on how to use clothes to communicate in court.

Just Like Home: Freshly Folded Dumplings in Brooklyn

At Mama?s Noodle House in Bensonhurst, the line between kitchen and dining room isn?t always clear.

Photos From Sri Lanka: Grappling With Tragedy

Images from the devastation of the Easter Sunday bombings show glimpses of how the country is mourning.

On the Border in Eagle Pass, Texas

Reporting from the banks of the Rio Grande

Whales, From Above

The photographer Sutton Lynch is documenting a dramatic turning point off the coast of Long Island ? a resurgence of sea life after decades of depletion.

88 Temples, 750 Miles, Untold Gifts: Japan?s Shikoku Pilgrimage

A famed route on the smallest of Japan?s four main islands offers breathtaking views and an array of lessons on history, culture and generosity.

Flamenco and Fervor: Inside Spain?s El Rocío Pilgrimage

The annual spectacle, featuring fanciful caravans and riders on horseback, is arguably the most potent visual representation of Andalusian culture.

When 4 Photographers Looked Up, This Is What They Saw

Spotted any faraway balloons or U.F.O.s lately? For this visual series, we asked four photographers to do what some of us have been doing more frequently: looking up.

Following a Folk Tale Through the Himalayas

On a trip through northern India, a writer was guided by the age-old epic story of ?Rajula Malushahi,? which led him to a series of unexpected places.

Timeless Portraits of L.A.?s Arcades

Documenting video game parlors offered a French photographer a way to explore Los Angeles and its surrounding areas.

How Wild Turkeys Find Love

A photographer in Wisconsin set out to learn how wild turkeys attract their mates ? and found that the answer involves wingmen and sexy snoods.

Glimpses of Life with the Sea Clown Sailing Circus Troupe

A photographer embedded with the Sea Clown Sailing Circus on the troupe?s journeys through the Mediterranean. Here?s what he saw.

Is This the World?s Most Picturesque High Dive?

Catch a glimpse of a storied tradition in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where, for hundreds of years, divers have leaped from a bridge in the southern city of Mostar.

Unearthing Everyday Life at an Ancient Site in Greece

Excavations in the Peloponnesian village of Iklaina are yielding rich insights into the lives of the Mycenaean civilization?s general population.

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