Martin Amis: An Appreciation

Our critic assesses the achievement of Martin Amis, Britain?s most famous literary son.

Book Review: ?NB by J.C.,? by James Campbell

?NB by J.C.? collects the variegated musings of James Campbell in the Times Literary Supplement.

In ?Fires in the Dark,? Kay Redfield Jamison Turns to Healers

In ?Fires in the Dark,? Jamison, known for her expertise on manic depression, delves into the quest to heal. Her new book, she says, is a ?love song to psychotherapy.?

The Detective Novel ?Whose Body?,? by Dorothy L. Sayers, Turns 100

Dorothy L. Sayers dealt with emotional and financial instability by writing ?Whose Body?,? the first of many to star the detective Lord Peter Wimsey.

Book Review: ?Dom Casmurro,? by Machado de Assis

?Dom Casmurro,? by Machado de Assis, teaches us to read ? and reread ? with precise detail and masterly obfuscation.

Book Review: ?The Late Americans,? by Brandon Taylor

Brandon Taylor?s novel circulates among Iowa City residents, some privileged, some not, but all aware that their possibilities are contracting.

Martin Amis?s Best Books: A Guide

The acclaimed British novelist was also an essayist, memoirist and critic of the first rank.

What Romance Book Should You Read Next?

Looking for an escapist love story? Here are 2023?s sexiest, swooniest reads.

What Book Should You Read Next?

Finding a book you?ll love can be daunting. Let us help.

Best Crime Books of 2023

Our columnist picks the year?s best.

Book Review: ?The Happy Couple,? by Naoise Dolan

Naoise Dolan?s ?The Happy Couple? follows 20-something Dubliners hurtling toward the altar, stubbornly clinging to their self-delusions that this is what they want.

Book Review: ?Becoming Ella,? by Judith Tick

A new biography sheds light on her humble beginnings and prolific, genre-defining career.

Inside Literary Prize Will Be Judged by Prison Inmates

Over the next six months, inmates in prisons around the country will be able to debate and vote on the winner of a new book award ? the Inside Literary Prize.

New Books About Non-European Militaries

Three new books describe far-flung societies ? from the Native tribes of North America to the caliphates of Eurasia ? that have made war and sustained their conquests.

The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of 2023

From witch stories to near-future noir, here are the year?s 10 best speculative books.

Oxford?s 2023 Word of the Year Is ? ?Rizz?

Sorry, Swifties. The Gen Z slang term ? derived from ?charisma? ? went viral this year after the actor Tom Holland claimed to have none.

Paul Lynch Discusses His Booker-Winning Novel, ?Prophet Song,?

?Prophet Song? has earned comparisons to dystopian classics like ?1984.? But Lynch downplays the book?s political message. This book, he says, was deeply personal.

Book Review: ?Zero at the Bone,? by Christian Wiman

In ?Zero at the Bone,? Christian Wiman offers a welcome tonic: poetic and philosophical reminders of how to get through troubling times.

The Best Romance Books of 2023

Here are the novels our columnist loved most.

The Critics? Picks: A Year in Reading

The Book Review?s daily critics ? Dwight Garner, Alexandra Jacobs and Jennifer Szalai ? reflect on the books that stuck with them in 2023.

John Nichols, Author of ?The Milagro Beanfield War,? Dies at 83

After decamping from New York to New Mexico, he wrote what was, for a time, among the most widely read novels about Latinos.

Tim Dorsey, Who Turned Florida?s Quirks Into Comic Gold, Dies at 62

Long before Florida Man became a meme, he mined the Sunshine State?s weirdness for enough material to fill 26 darkly funny crime novels.

Two Books to Keep You Company While You Wait

Molly recommends a 19th-century ?Dumb and Dumber? and a collection of essays about the weirder corners of the business world.

Christopher Paolini Wanted a Job Involving Dragons, So He Created One

Paolini, a best-selling author of young adult fantasy novels, has a new book out, ?Murtagh.? In it, he returns to the world of ?Eragon? and the adventures he began creating as a teenager.

Book Review: ?The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory,? by Tim Alberta

In his new book, ?The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory,? the journalist Tim Alberta subjects his faith?s embrace of right-wing extremism to critical scrutiny.

The Best Thrillers of 2023

They include an espionage caper, the tale of a murderous librarian and a high-stakes adventure that takes place inside the various stomachs of a whale.

Book Review: ?Most Delicious Poison,? by Noah Whiteman

In ?Most Delicious Poison,? Noah Whiteman explores nature?s fine line between killing and curing.

Book Review: ?Welcome Home, Stranger,? by Kate Christensen

In ?Welcome Home, Stranger,? Kate Christensen takes readers inside the best kind of fictional family: a dysfunctional one.

5 Books About Sandra Day O?Connor

Justice O?Connor, the first woman on the Supreme Court, was a swing vote on polarizing issues before a closely divided court. These books offer insight into her life, career and legacy.

New Science Fiction and Fantasy Books

New books by Vajra Chandrasekera, Avi Silver, Cadwell Turnbull, Michael Mammay and T. Kingfisher.

Book Review: ?Prophet Song,? by Paul Lynch

?Prophet Song,? a novel by Paul Lynch, is set in Dublin during a political crisis.

Holiday Gift Books for Children

From a 200th-anniversary edition of Clement C. Moore?s Christmas Eve tale to lightheartedly loopy poems for every day of the year.

Six Pulse-Pounding New Thrillers

Our columnist recommends six new thrillers.

New Historical Fiction Books

A secret, a disappearance, a frozen body and a mysterious stranger ? these historical novels have something for everyone.

New Romance Books for Cold Winter Nights

Our romance columnist recommends four new books.

Book Review: ?The Path to Paradise,? by Sam Wasson

Sam Wasson?s supremely entertaining new book, ?The Path to Paradise,? tracks the ups and downs, ins and outs, of a remarkable career.

Mystery Books You Won?t Be Able to Put Down

Need a little diversion? Our crime columnist has plenty of books to recommend.

Audiobook Review: ?Jezebel,? by Megan Barnard

Perdita Weeks reads the audiobook version of Megan Barnard?s debut novel, reimagining the Israeli queen as a source of mythic, feminist anger.

9 New Books We Recommend This Week

Suggested reading from critics and editors at The New York Times.

A Harvard Professor Prepares to Teach a New Subject: Taylor Swift

Swift-inspired classes are sweeping colleges across the country.

How a Book Publishing ?Mistake? Reignited the U.K.?s Royal Racism Furor

The rollout of ?Endgame? caused a scandal after a quickly withdrawn translation named family members said to have asked about the skin color of Prince Harry and Meghan?s future son.

Interview: Rick Riordan, the Man Behind ?Percy Jackson?

The author of the Percy Jackson series (newly adapted for Disney+ this month) is looking for anthologies of Indigenous folklore and mythology, too.

Poem: I look at the world

A poem from Langston Hughes discovered by a rare-books cataloger in Yale?s Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library.

8 New Books to Read in December

A landmark biography of Ella Fitzgerald, memoirs from David Mamet and Liz Cheney, a new historical novel from Ariel Lawhon and more.

Larry McMurtry?s Best Books

A wildly prolific son of Texas, McMurtry was a tangle of contradictions. Here?s where to start.

Snapshot of a Year in the Land of Best Sellers

Surprising ascensions, Hollywood migrations and daggers to the art ? it?s all part of life at the top.

Two New Books Consider Comedy and the Culture Wars

The authors of ?Comedy Book? and ?Outrageous? argue that culture-war worries about what?s a laughing matter have been overplayed.

Young Adult Books with Great Love Triangle Romances

Adalyn Grace, the author of the ?Belladonna? series and the ?All the Stars and Teeth? duology, recommends her favorite young adult novels with heroines torn between competing romantic interests.

Book Review: ?Art Monsters,? by Lauren Elkin

The new book by Lauren Elkin examines artists who?ve defied conventions and expectations, including Carolee Schneemann, Eva Hesse and Kara Walker.

Book Review: ?Pedro Páramo,? by Juan Rulfo

For decades, Juan Rulfo?s novel, ?Pedro Páramo,? has cast an uncanny spell on writers. A new translation may bring it broader appeal.

Suleika Jaouad Revisits Bone Marrow Transplant in ?American Symphony?

This month, writer Suleika Jaouad revisits her second bone marrow transplant in the documentary ?American Symphony.?

Poem: Settlement

The poem?s repetitions evoke the grim repetitions of history.

Toni Tipton-Martin?s New Book Chronicles the Black History of Cocktails

The author of ?The Jemima Code? has distilled 200 years of African American drinking know-how into her new ?Juke Joints, Jazz Clubs and Juice.?

Inside the Best Books of 2023 List

They?re here!

The 10 Best Books of 2023

The staff of The New York Times Book Review choose the year?s standout fiction and nonfiction.

Kids? Books That Don?t Ignore the Dark Side of Life

It would be tempting to allow my son to believe in a world that will never betray him, but I want him to know better.

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