Tesla Shareholders Approve C.E.O. Elon Musk?s Pay Package

The vote was seen as a referendum on his management of the electric car maker and on the limits of executive pay.

Musk?s Friends and Fans Applaud Shareholder Vote on His Payday

On the social media platform X, which Mr. Musk owns, reactions to a vote that reaffirmed Mr. Musk?s $45 billion package were buoyant.

E.U. Hits Electric Vehicles From China With Higher Tariffs

Leaders in Brussels, Washington and beyond are trying to curb China?s automobile ambitions amid rising trade tensions and fears of a glut of Chinese cars flooding global markets.

As the UAW Scores Wins in Red States, Tensions Emerge Over Gaza Protests

A tentative new contract at an Ohio battery maker on Monday was big for President Biden?s E.V. transition, but for some, the victory was upstaged by the U.A.W.?s activism on college campuses.

24 Hours of Le Mans: Automakers Have Expanded the Top Class

With the addition of Alpine, BMW, Isotta Fraschini and Lamborghini, nine manufacturers are racing this year.

U.A.W. Reaches Accord on Pay and Safety at E.V. Battery Plant

The agreement, if ratified, will cover 1,600 workers making batteries for General Motors in Ohio. The union said it would be a model for efforts elsewhere.

Is Your Driving Being Secretly Scored?

The insurance industry, hungry for insights into how people drive, has turned to automakers and smartphone apps like Life360.

Kia Recalls Telluride SUV Over Fire Risk; Urging Owners to Park Outside

About 460,000 vehicles could be affected by the recall, which stems from a problem with the vehicle?s front power seat motor.

Biden Administration Tightens Mileage Rules to Buoy Electric Vehicles

The new measure requires automakers to achieve an average of 65 miles per gallon for all the car models they sell by 2031.

How Electric Car Batteries Might Aid the Grid (and Win Over Drivers)

Automakers are exploring energy storage as a way to help utilities and save customers money, turning an expensive component into an industry asset.

EVs Are Suddenly Becoming Affordable

More efficient manufacturing, falling battery costs and intense competition are lowering sticker prices for battery-powered models to within striking distance of gasoline cars.

Car Deals Vanished During the Pandemic. They?re Coming Back.

Automakers and dealers are starting to offer discounts, low-interest loans and other incentives to lure buyers as the supply of cars grows.

?Not Everything Was Bad?: Saluting the Mercedes of Eastern Europe and a Communist Past

A festival of classic cars from the communist era brings out some nostalgia in eastern Germany for pre-unification days, although the abuses that occurred behind the Iron Curtain aren?t forgotten.

U.A.W. Seeks a New Election at Mercedes-Benz Plants in Alabama

The union, which lost an organizing vote at two factories last week, argued to federal officials that the automaker had violated labor laws.

24 Hours of Le Mans: In 1924, Bentley Began Its Dominance

The team won so often in the early years that its drivers were called the Bentley Boys.

Tesla?s Stock Price Shows Doubts About Outlook Under Elon Musk

A huge run-up in the stock?s value followed a 2018 vote on Elon Musk?s compensation package. But investors have recently become less enamored.

F1: The Monaco Grand Prix Has Its Thrills and Its Limits

The narrow track and large cars hinder overtaking, but, oh boy, do those tight roads make qualifying hair-raising.

Mercedes?s Formula 1 Team, Once Dominant, Is Now Struggling

The team has spent months trying to determine what is wrong with its underperforming car. The search continues.

F1: Carlos Sainz Continues to Look for a Seat

He has won Ferrari?s only race this year, but will be out in 2025 when Lewis Hamilton moves over from Mercedes.

How Lowriders Put a Vivid Stamp on New York City?s Car Scene

These lovingly customized cars, long embraced as a way to celebrate Mexican American culture and bring families together, are gaining visibility and respect as bouncing, rolling works of art.

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