Ricardo M. Urbina, Trailblazing Latino Judge in Capital, Dies at 78

Before being appointed to the bench in Washington, he was a track star who became a symbol of discrimination against Black athletes.

Willie Mays, Baseball?s Electrifying Player of Power and Grace, Is Dead at 93

Mays, the Say Hey Kid, was the game?s exuberant embodiment of the complete player. Some say he was the greatest of them all.

Sarah Mandel, Therapist Who Told Her ?Trauma Narrative,? Dies at 42

She received a diagnosis of Stage 4 breast cancer late in her second pregnancy and described her experience in a book, ?Little Earthquakes: A Memoir.?

Bob Schul, a Singular U.S. Olympian in the 5,000-Meter Race, Dies at 86

His remarkable sprint in the final yards on a muddy track in the 1964 Games in Tokyo made him the only American ever to win the gold medal in that event.

Elinor Fuchs, a Leading Scholar of the American Stage, Is Dead at 91

As a journalist and later as a Yale professor, she provided the intellectual tools to help actors, directors and audiences understand challenging theatrical work.

Neil Goldschmidt, Portland Mayor Who Abused Teenager, Dies at 83

While he was reviving Portland, Ore., as a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly city, he was also sexually abusing a teenage girl over three years, he later admitted.

Anouk Aimée, Enigmatic Star of ?A Man and a Woman,? Dies at 92

The French actress had already made an impression in international film when she appeared in Claude Lelouch?s 1966 romance, a role that earned her an Oscar nomination.

Angela Bofill, R&B Hitmaker With a Silky Voice, Dies at 70

Starting in the late 1970s, she scored multiple hit singles, including ?This Time I?ll Be Sweeter? and ?I Try,? but a pair of strokes in the 2000s ended her career.

William H. Donaldson, Wall St. Lion Who Led the S.E.C., Dies at 93

He co-founded D.L.J., the first securities firm to offer shares to the public. As S.E.C. chairman, he pressed for a stronger watchdog role after a series of accounting scandals.

Remembering Willie Mays as Both Untouchable and Human

Mays, who died on Tuesday at 93, had been perfect for so long that the shock of seeing baseball get the best of him was the shock of seeing a god become mortal.

George R. Nethercutt Jr., Who Ousted a House Speaker, Dies at 79

He defeated Thomas S. Foley of Washington State in the 1994 Republican midterm sweep. It was the first time since the Civil War-era that voters rejected a House speaker.

James Kent, Chef Who Was Building a Restaurant Empire, Dies at 45

He had opened two restaurants and a cocktail bar in downtown Manhattan, and he was preparing for a big expansion backed by LeBron James.

Paul Pressler, Disgraced Christian Conservative Leader, Dies at 94

A former judge, he helped steer the Southern Baptist Convention to the right. But at least seven men accused him of sexual abuse.

John Everett Benson, Who Chiseled John F. Kennedy?s Grave, Dies at 84

A master of the ancient and exacting art of carving into rock, he was 25 when he began his first major commission, at Arlington National Cemetery.

Lynn Conway, Computing Pioneer and Transgender Advocate, Dies at 86

She made significant contributions at IBM, but she lost her job because of her conviction that she inhabited the wrong body. She later fought for transgender rights.

Ben Vautier, Artist Whose Specialty Was Provocation, Dies at 88

A core member of the anti-art movement Fluxus, he died by suicide hours after the death of his wife of 60 years.

Overlooked No More: Lorenza Böttner, Transgender Artist Who Found Beauty in Disability

Böttner, whose specialty was self-portraiture, celebrated her armless body in paintings she created with her mouth and feet while dancing in public.

Nick Mavar, ?Deadliest Catch? Star, Dies at 59

Mr. Mavar, who ran a fishing operation in Alaska, starred in the reality television show for 16 years and captained his own boat.

Edward Stone, 88, Physicist Who Oversaw Voyager Missions, Is Dead

He helped send the twin spacecraft on their way in 1977. Decades and billions of miles later, they are still probing ? ?Earth?s ambassadors to the stars,? as he put it.

John Wilmerding, Who Helped Give American Art an Identity, Dies at 86

American paintings were largely overlooked and undervalued until he came along. A scholar, curator and collector, he oversaw important exhibitions over the last 50 years.

Martin Starger, Influential Shaper of TV and Movies, Dies at 92

In his decade at ABC, long the doormat network in prime time, he helped guide it toward the No. 1 spot. He later produced ?Nashville? and won an Emmy for ?Friendly Fire.?

Johnny Canales, Influential Mexican TV Host, Dies at 81

He was known for introducing new musical acts to a wide audience, including Selena Quintanilla, whose appearance on his show in 1985 was one of her first live TV performances.

Remo Saraceni, 89, Dies; Inventor of the Walking Piano Seen in ?Big?

His keyboard, which became famous after Tom Hanks melodiously hopped on it, displayed Mr. Saraceni?s vision of technology powered by ?people energy.?

Geneviève de Galard, French ?Angel? of Dien Bien Phu, Dies at 99

A nurse, she tended to the wounded as the French were under fateful attack by Viet Minh forces in 1954. Hailed in France and the U.S., she was given a ticker-tape parade down Broadway.

Mark James, Writer of ?Suspicious Minds? and Other Songs, Is Dead at 83

His songs became hits for Elvis Presley, Willie Nelson, Brenda Lee and many other artists. They were also heard on movie soundtracks.

Patrick Gottsch, 70, Who Found Rural America Fertile Ground for TV, Dies

After a career as a satellite dish installer, he found success with RFD-TV, a 24-hour cable channel aimed at farmers and ranchers.

Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, 75, Dies; Expanded Chabad?s Global Reach

Chabad, one observer said, is ?in more places in the world than any other Hasidic group and most visible to the world because of their outreach ? largely thanks to Kotlarsky.?

Frank Carroll, 85, Dies; Coached Michelle Kwan and Other Skating Stars

His roster of students also included Linda Fratianne, but he did not coach an Olympic gold medalist until Evan Lysacek won in 2010.

Warren Winiarski, Whose Fledgling Cabernet Bested the French, Dies at 95

His $6 bottle of Napa Valley cabernet won a historic tasting in Paris in 1976, astonishing connoisseurs and putting his Stag?s Leap winery on the map.

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