How Apple and Google Are Overhauling Our Phones With AI

Apple and Google are getting up close and personal with user data to craft memos, summarize documents and generate images.

How to Trace Your Ancestry Using Your Phone?s Free Tools

Everyday tools and free apps on your mobile device can help you collect, translate and digitize new material for your family-tree files.

The New ChatGPT Offers a Lesson in AI Hype

OpenAI released GPT-4o, its latest chatbot technology, in a partly finished state. It has much to prove.

San Francisco?s Hot Tourist Attraction: Driverless Cars

Cable cars are still trundling up the city?s hills, but robotaxis from Waymo are shaping up as the city?s latest must-do for visitors.

Smartphones Can Now Last 7 Years. Here?s How to Keep Them Working.

Google and Samsung used to update smartphone software for only three years. That has changed.

Artificially Intelligent Help for Planning Your Summer Vacation

Travel-focused A.I. bots and more eco-friendly transportation options in online maps and search tools can help you quickly organize your seasonal getaway.

In Content Warning, Role-Play as Influencers Dying to Go Viral

The horror video game Content Warning, a surprise hit, lets players microdose as momentary celebrities on the fictional website SpookTube.

Meta and Google Are Betting on AI Voice Assistants. Will They Take Off?

Meta, Google and others are driving a renaissance for voice assistants, but people have found the technology uncool for more than a decade.

Meta?s A.I. Assistant Is Fun to Use, but It Can?t Be Trusted

Despite Mark Zuckerberg?s hope for the chatbot to be the smartest, it struggles with facts, numbers and web search.

Everything You Need to Know About Smartphone Backups

It doesn?t take a lot of work to keep copies of your phone?s photos, videos and other files stashed securely in case of an emergency.

Humane?s AI Pin Wants to Free You From Your Phone

The $700 Ai Pin, funded by OpenAI?s Sam Altman and Microsoft, can be helpful ? until it struggles with tasks like doing math and crafting sandwich recipes.

Switching From iPhone to Android Is Easy. It?s the Aftermath That Stings.

Even if you manage to ditch your iPhone, Apple?s hooks are still there.

Meta?s Ray-Ban Smart Glasses Use AI to See, Hear and Speak. What Are They Like?

What happens when a columnist and a reporter use A.I. glasses to scan groceries, monuments and zoo animals? Hilarity, wonder and lots of mistakes ensued.

Why Tech Companies Are Not Your Friends: Lessons From Roku

Roku recently changed its policy to make it even harder for customers to take legal action. It?s a reminder of how we need to protect ourselves.

Quick Tips to Save Time on the Telephone

The latest smartphone software includes tools to help you more easily connect with the people you want to contact ? and avoid those you don?t.

The Youths Have Spoken: Wallets Are Uncool. Go Digital.

A wallet-free lifestyle relying on your phone is attainable, but it requires preparation and some compromise.

How to Manage Streaming Subscriptions As Service Prices Rise

Canceling is simple. The tough part is remembering to do it.

How to Make Your Digital Smartphone Photos Look Old

Retro-photography apps that mimic the appearance of analog film formats make your digital files seem like they?re from another era.

Apple Vision Pro Review: First Headset Lacks Polish and Purpose

Billed as the future of computing, the $3,500 goggles can?t replace a laptop for work. At times, wearing them also made our columnist feel nauseated.

Vision Pro Goggles Are Not Safe While Driving a Tesla, U.S. Says

Videos, many of them stunts or jokes, of people wearing Apple?s new virtual reality headset while driving Teslas in Autopilot mode prompted officials to issue warnings.

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