How to Set Up and Use an eSIM for International Travel

The digital version of the SIM card, included on many newer phones, is set to become prevalent. It also offers affordable cellular data abroad.

How Parents Can Talk About AI and ChatGPT With Their Kids

Artificial intelligence can make adults nervous, but experts say exploring it as a family is the best way to understand its pros and cons.

How Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant Lost the AI Race

The virtual assistants had more than a decade to become indispensable. But they were hampered by clunky design and miscalculations, leaving room for chatbots to rise.

New Tricks for Old Apps

If you haven?t used some of your phone?s preloaded programs in years, the software may surprise you with updated or hidden features.

How Some Gen Z Instagram Users Post to Facebook: Unwittingly

Teenagers and young adults are flummoxed. The reason it keeps happening involves an online prompt and product design.

Why Countries Are Trying to Ban TikTok

Governments have expressed concerns that TikTok, which is owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, may endanger sensitive user data.

Tech Is Allowing Businesses to Overcharge You in Tips

Payment apps and touch screens have made it easy for merchants to ask us for preset gratuity amounts. We don?t need to succumb to the pressure.

How to Clear Out Digital Clutter

Hint: Tackle your photos last.

Why You Should Listen to Twitter on Two-Factor Authentication

Elon Musk was right: Text messages are not the most secure way to protect your account.

Chatbots Are Not Sentient. Here?s How They Work.

No, chatbots aren?t sentient. Here?s how their underlying technology works.

The PlayStation Goggles Are a Win for Gamers. Not for the Metaverse.

Sony?s new $550 headset offers best-in-class virtual reality gaming, but it?s still hard to see why we need V.R. goggles at all.

How to Prepare for a Lost, Stolen or Broken Smartphone

You may never have to deal with a missing device, but planning ahead with a few simple steps can make it easier if disaster strikes.

Piénsalo bien antes de dar tu dirección de correo electrónico

Cada vez hay más sitios web y aplicaciones que piden este dato para acceder a ellos. Así pueden rastrear tu actividad y perfilar tus intereses. Te explicamos cómo evitar dejar un rastro de migajas digitales.

A.I. Bots Can?t Report This Column. But They Can Improve It.

ChatGPT isn?t the only writing assistant that has emerged to replace editors. We tested it alongside two others to assess their strengths and weaknesses.

Everyone Wants Your Email Address. Think Twice Before Sharing It.

Your email address has become a digital bread crumb for companies to link your activity across sites. Here?s how you can limit this.

How to Make Your Smartphone Photos So Much Better

Professional photographers have long used the RAW format and editing software to turn image files into gorgeous pictures ? and you can, too.

Estas son las claves para proteger tus contraseñas digitales

LastPass, un servicio que gestiona contraseñas fue hackeado. El incidente debería llevarnos a considerar si hay que confiar en las empresas que guardan información sensible en la nube.

The Hottest Gen Z Gadget Is a 20-Year-Old Digital Camera

Young people are opting for point-and-shoots and blurry photos.

?Alexa, Why Do We Keep Buying You??

With questions swirling about the utility of voice assistants, we asked readers how they use one of the most popular, Amazon?s Alexa. Here?s what they answered.

Here?s How to Achieve Tech Nirvana in 2023

In a live conversation, we offered tips for readers looking to optimize their digital lives this year.

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