Review: The Many Thrilling Flavors of a Full-Scale ?Sweeney Todd?

Sondheim?s masterpiece, restored to its proper size and sung to the hilt by Josh Groban, makes a welcome Broadway return.

Review: In ?Día y Noche,? Opposites Intertwine

David Anzuelo?s generous, unwieldy play about an oil-and-water friendship between two high school boys opens at 59E59 Theaters.

Kristin Chenoweth Lives for 3 A.M. FaceTime Calls and ?Funny Girl?

The actress is returning for the second season of ?Schmigadoon!? Reality TV and occasional shopping sprees have kept her going in the meantime.

?James Brown Wore Curlers? Review: A Superfan Becomes Celine Dion

In ?James Brown Wore Curlers,? the French playwright tries out a more far-fetched premise than in her previous hits, and produces less satisfying satire.

?Arden of Faversham? Review: An Elizabethan Noir Lost in the Fog

Red Bull Theater?s attempt to update this 1592 true-crime story falls flat.

?Bad Cinderella? Review: The Title Warned Us

Andrew Lloyd Webber hopes to extend an unbroken 43-year streak on Broadway. But his 13th new musical may not be the charm.

?Nemesis? Review: A Philip Roth Adaptation Resonates

The American writer?s last novel becomes surprisingly effective theater in the hands of Tiphaine Raffier at the Odéon-Théâtre de l?Europe.

Aaron Sorkin Battled a Stroke as He Reimagined ?Camelot?

The screenwriter overcame a stroke as he worked to revise the beloved but befuddling Golden Age musical for a Broadway revival.

?Shucked?: A Broadway Musical That Doubles Down on the Corn

For their debut, the country-music songwriting team Shane McAnally and Brandy Clark embraced puns, heartfelt songs and campy performances. Here?s their story.

?According to the Chorus? Review: Backstage Truths

In Arlene Hutton?s play at 59E59 Theaters, the members of a Broadway cast reveal their hopes and fears tucked away in a quick-change room.

An ?Obsession? With Philip Glass Inspires a Director?s Memory Play

In ?Tao of Glass,? Phelim McDermott, who has directed three Glass operas, turns to his personal history with the composer?s work.

In ?Up Here,? the Song Stuck in Your Head Might Be Your Mean Ex-Crush

Developed by a team of Broadway and Hollywood all-stars, the new Hulu series sets a chorus of inner critics to song.

Review: In ?Sancocho,? a Family Crisis Is Cooking

Attention to culinary detail is the best part of this heavily seasoned family drama by Christin Eve Cato at the WP Theater.

Jeremy O. Harris?s Writer?s Residency Under the Tuscan Sun

The finalists for the 2023 Yale Drama Series Prize suddenly find themselves in Italy, with plenty of time to write, reflect and make pasta.

?The Hunting Gun? Review: Letters to Burn After Reading

Miki Nakatani and Mikhail Baryshnikov star in this meticulously handsome stage adaptation of Yasushi Inoue?s 1949 novella.

A Stage Adaptation of ?Smash? Is Setting Its Sights on Broadway

Producers including Steven Spielberg have been exploring several possible incarnations of the decade-old TV series. Now they have a plan.

Puppetry So Lifelike, Even Their Deaths Look Real

Members of the puppetry team for ?Life of Pi? discuss making the show?s animals seem all-too-real on a very crowded lifeboat.

Review: In ?Hang Time,? Lynched Men Tell Finely Tuned Tales

Zora Howard?s new play at the Flea catches three men during a few moments of their breathless eternity.

Danny and Lucy DeVito Head to Broadway With Roundabout Theater Company?s New Season

The actors will play a father and daughter in ?I Need That,? a comedy written by Theresa Rebeck.

?Drinking in America? Review: Men in a Cracked Mirror

After 15 years away from the stage, Andre Royo of ?The Wire? goes all in with an evening of Eric Bogosian monologues at the Minetta Lane Theater.

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