Will Lewis Is Said to Have Used Stolen Records as Editor in U.K.

Years before becoming the Post?s publisher, Will Lewis assigned an article based on stolen phone records, a former reporter said.

How to Watch the Tony Awards 2024: Date, Time, Streaming

The main event will be broadcast on CBS and livestreamed for Paramount+ with Showtime subscribers. A simulcast will also air at Damrosch Park in Manhattan.

Martin Starger, Influential Shaper of TV and Movies, Dies at 92

In his decade at ABC, long the doormat network in prime time, he helped guide it toward the No. 1 spot. He later produced ?Nashville? and won an Emmy for ?Friendly Fire.?

How Jeff Bezos Is Trying to Fix The Washington Post

The Amazon founder has expressed his support to Will Lewis, the C.E.O., who has faced widespread criticism this month.

Google C.E.O. Testifies in Ozy Media Founder?s Fraud Trial

Sundar Pichai, the chief executive of Google, said he never discussed a potential acquisition of the digital media start-up.

How Partisan Media Outlets Covered The Latest Inflation Numbers

Conservative media outlets used the new inflation data, which was lower than expected, to criticize President Biden?s handling of the economy. Liberal media outlets celebrated it.

Urban Tandoor Lures Customers With Campy TikTok Videos

Urban Tandoor, an Indian restaurant in southwest England, is using terrible music video parodies made by its staff to bring in new and younger guests.

Tony Predictions: Expect Wins for ?Merrily? and ?Stereophonic?

Our reporter surveyed a quarter of Tony voters before Sunday?s ceremony. One certainty: Sondheim?s onetime flop seems destined for redemption.

Patrick Gottsch, 70, Who Found Rural America Fertile Ground for TV, Dies

After a career as a satellite dish installer, he found success with RFD-TV, a 24-hour cable channel aimed at farmers and ranchers.

HBO Could Use a Hit and ?House of the Dragon? Could be the Answer

The network has hit an unusually fallow period. Executives hope ?House of the Dragon,? which returns Sunday, could be the start of a new winning streak.

Christophe Deloire, Who Fought for Threatened Journalists, Dies at 53

As the leader and spokesman for Reporters Without Borders, he rescued some, sought refuge for others and lobbied for pluralism in the press.

Sony Pictures Acquires Alamo Drafthouse in Lifeline to Cinema Chain

The deal is a rare example of a traditional Hollywood studio owning a movie theater chain.

Hunter Biden?s Laptop, Revealed by New York Post, Comes Back to Haunt Him

Many claims about the laptop?s contents have not been proved, but it played a role in the prosecution of Mr. Biden over a firearm purchase.

Paramount?s Merger Talks With Skydance Fall Apart

There were several hitches in the last week as Skydance, Paramount and its parent company, National Amusements, reached the final stages of negotiations.

Disney?s Splash Mountain Set to Reopen With Princess Tiana Theme

The ride was closed last year because of its connection to a racist film. Disney overhauled it to focus on Tiana, Disney?s first Black princess, drawing praise and backlash.

Games Are Proving Their Pull on News and Tech Sites

Word puzzles on LinkedIn. Logic challenges in The Washington Post. For news publishers and tech sites looking to both entice and engage users, games are serious business.

A Cave Explorer Died 99 Years Ago. Now His Story Is Broadway Bound.

?Floyd Collins,? a musical about a trapped spelunker and the media circus surrounding his failed rescue, had a brief Off Broadway run in 1996.

Jean-Philippe Allard, Jazz Producer and Musicians? Advocate, Dies at 67

He called himself a ?professional listener,? and he tended to develop lifelong relationships with the artists he worked with.

British TV Doctor Michael Mosley Found Dead in Greece

Dr. Mosley, a British medical journalist and documentary maker, disappeared last week while on a trip on the Greek island of Symi.

The British Aren?t Coming. They?re Here.

As a historic presidential election looms, several of America?s largest and most powerful newsrooms are now being led by English journalists. Why?

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