How Kyrsten Sinema's decision makes Democrats' 2024 Senate map tighter

Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema decided to shake up the political world on Friday by becoming an independent. The former Democrat is still caucusing with the party in the Senate, so the Democratic caucus still has 51 members. Now, instead of 49 Democrats and two independents within their ranks, the caucus has 48 Democrats and three independents.

Meet the woman steering Biden's bipartisan winning streak on Capitol Hill

The Biden administration managed to rack up a long list of major legislative wins in its first two years despite facing one of the most closely-divided Congresses in history. From bipartisan action on infrastructure, gun safety and same-sex marriage to party-line bills tackling climate change and expanding health care coverage, it's a record President Joe Biden and Democrats on the ballot were all eager to tout on the campaign trail during the midterms.

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Margins of Error

Look closely at almost anything and you'll find data?lots of it. But what are those numbers really saying about who we are and what we believe? Harry Enten is on a mission to find out.

The notable legal clouds that continue to hang over Donald Trump

All eyes are on former President Donald Trump, who has launched another White House bid.

The fine print of the Respect for Marriage Act

Let's start with the positive: Republicans and Democrats are coming together to protect same-sex marriage from the Supreme Court.

Everything you need to know about Biden's student loan forgiveness program

President Joe Biden's federal student loan forgiveness program, which promises to deliver up to $20,000 of debt relief for millions of borrowers, is on hold indefinitely as legal challenges work their way through the courts.

Politics of the Day

Politics of the Day

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Trump leans into extremism at first 2024 rally as legal woes mount

Donald Trump is igniting his White House bid at a moment of unprecedented peril in the criminal investigations against him -- a confluence that could send America into a new political and legal collision.

Republican lawmaker calls TikTok 'an immediate threat' and calls for app to be banned

Republican Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington said Sunday that TikTok represents "an immediate threat" from China and called for the short-form video app to be banned in the US.

Biden's student loan forgiveness program faces a new threat from Senate Republicans

President Joe Biden's student loan forgiveness program may face a new threat from Senate Republicans even before the US Supreme Court rules on whether it can be implemented.

Fact check: Trump repeats false claims during rally in Waco, Texas

Former President and current presidential candidate Donald Trump returned to the campaign trail Saturday with a rally speech in Waco, Texas, that was littered with false claims -- many of which he has made before.

CNN's Daniel Dale corrects false claims from former President Donald Trump about the Afghanistan withdrawal, the border wall and the DOJ investigations.

White House chief of staff office adds new senior communications aide

The White House is elevating a key spokesperson from the National Security Council to serve in a senior communications role for the office of the chief of staff, CNN has learned.

Comedian and television host Jon Stewart discusses the Manhattan District Attorney's possible indictment of former President Donald Trump with CNN's Fareed Zakaria.

House committee chairmen double down on Manhattan DA oversight efforts

The chairmen of three House committees sent a letter Saturday to the Manhattan district attorney leading the probe into Donald Trump, doubling down on their efforts to intervene in the hush money investigation ahead of possible criminal charges against the former president.

Republican Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers tells CNN's Jake Tapper that TikTok is a "national security threat" and it needs to be banned in the United States.

On CNN's State of the Union with Jake Tapper, Democratic Rep. Ro Khanna reacts to GOP efforts to intervene in the Manhattan DA's hush money probe into Donald Trump.

House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer tells CNN's Jake Tapper that it's up to Rep. Jim Jordan whether to subpoena Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg over his investigation into former President Donald Trump.

Biden officially notifies Congress of Syria airstrike

President Joe Biden on Saturday notified Congress of his decision to authorize an airstrike in Syria this week against what the US said were Iranian-affiliated facilities.

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