?The Interview?: Serena Williams?s Next Challenge

The greatest women?s tennis player of all time is trying to find her new normal in retirement.

Is That Drink Worth It to You?

Alcohol is riskier than previously thought, but weighing the trade-offs of health risks can be deeply personal.

I Think My Husband Has Dementia. Can I Leave Him Before It Worsens?

The magazine?s Ethicist columnist on what happens when the implications of marital vows to love ?in sickness and in health? become increasingly urgent.

The Woman Who Could Smell Parkinson?s

She first noticed the scent on her husband. Now her abilities are helping unlock new research in early disease detection.

The Disturbing Truth About Hair Relaxers

They?ve been linked to reproductive disorders and cancers. Why are they still being marketed so aggressively to Black women?

What to Know About Chemical Hair Relaxers and Health

A growing body of evidence shows a link between these products and a number of health disorders in Black women.

Who Am I Without My Voice?

I was a singer heading out on tour. Losing my voice was terrifying ? but it ended up teaching me everything about myself.

My Son?s Ex-Girlfriend Wants to Keep Her Pregnancy. Is That Unfair to Him?

The magazine?s Ethicist columnist on whether a co-parent?s wishes should matter to a pregnant woman.

The Best Dressed People in Hollywood Are Not the Actors

Cinephiles can?t seem to help obsessing over their favorite filmmakers? personal style.

Is Buttermilk Tres Leches the Perfect Cake?

An Appalachian twist on a classic Latin American dessert connects cultures and identities for a pastry chef.

The Ecstasy of Humidity

Living in a place with seasons is overrated. There?s nothing like a sweaty Florida summer to bring you back to your body.

?The Interview?: The Darker Side of Julia Louis-Dreyfus

The actress is taking on serious roles, trying to overcome self-doubt and sharing more about her personal life ? but she?s not done being funny.

Judge John Hodgman on the Limits of Tall Privilege

If you?re tall, can you put your hiking boots on the dining table?

Can I Lie About How I Lost Weight?

The magazine?s Ethicist columnist on what your friends have a right to know about your health.

How a Death From Fentanyl Transformed a Fishing Fleet

The opioid epidemic has made a dangerous job even more deadly. And when there?s an overdose at sea, fishermen have to take care of one another.

That Much-Despised Apple Ad Could Be More Disturbing Than It Looks

Tech companies are running low on new experiences to offer us. A new ad for the iPad contains revealing hints of where they could go next.

Do I Tell the Woman With a Medical Condition She Can?t Swim With Us?

The magazine?s ethicist columnist on what to do when forced to play lifeguard.

She Was Told She Had an Untreatable Disease. But Did She?

The woman?s disorder was diagnosed when she was a child. Thirty years later, she decided to have more testing done.

Salvadoran Sweet Bread to Brighten Up Your Morning

Earthy queso duro blando is at the heart of a Salvadoran quesadilla, which allows for interpretation.

Ibram X. Kendi Faces a Reckoning of His Own

In 2020, the author of ?How to Be an Antiracist? galvanized Americans with his ideas. The past four years have tested them ? and him.

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