?Succession? Season 4 Premiere Recap: Many Happy Returns

The Roy family is back for a fourth and final season, and everyone came out swinging. Let the humiliations begin.

In the Long, Paranoid Shadow of ?24?

?The Night Agent? on Netflix and ?Rabbit Hole? on Paramount+ proudly carry the conspiracy-thriller flag. One even repurposes Kiefer Sutherland.

?Yellowjackets? Season 2 Premiere Recap: Best Friends Forever

The hit Showtime series returns to find the young and pregnant Shauna becoming a little kooky. And hungry.

Steven Knight?s ?Great Expectations? Is a Dark Dream World

A new adaptation of Dickens?s novel takes liberties with the plot, but has the same preoccupations with class and the allure of money and status.

Matthew Macfadyen Has Mixed Feelings About the End of ?Succession?

?It?s sort of awful and heartbreaking, but at the same time, there?s a slight relief,? said the actor, whose unbearably awkward Tom has gone from punching bag to power player.

In ?Up Here,? the Song Stuck in Your Head Might Be Your Mean Ex-Crush

Developed by a team of Broadway and Hollywood all-stars, the new Hulu series sets a chorus of inner critics to song.

What if ?The Daily Show? Used Guest Hosts Permanently?

Fill-ins for Trevor Noah have shown how exciting the lack of a permanent replacement could be. It?s an option with an illustrious history in television.

ZoŽ Chao Identified With ?Party Down? a Little Too Well for a While

Starz?s beloved cater-waiter comedy hit awfully close to home when Chao was still hustling to make ends meet at a bar. She?s less worried about that now.

?Ted Lasso,? Season 3, Episode 2 Recap: Origin Stories

Also: Can AFC Richmond acquire one of the greatest footballers alive?

How the ?Yellowjackets? ?Weirdos? Fell in Love and Wrote a Hit Show

The married creators of ?Yellowjackets? always had big screenwriting dreams. Their idea about witchy teen cannibals struck the right alchemy.

Kristin Chenoweth Lives for 3 A.M. FaceTime Calls and ?Funny Girl?

The actress is returning for the second season of ?Schmigadoon!? Reality TV and occasional shopping sprees have kept her going in the meantime.

What?s on TV This Week: ?Riverdale? and ?Royal Crackers?

Riverdale returns for a seventh season on the CW, and a new animated comedy series comes to Adult Swim.

The Key to Gerri on ?Succession?? ?Inside She?s a Nervous Wreck?

The veteran actress J. Smith-Cameron has struck a chord with viewers in the role of an eye-rolling corporate counsel. ?In my 60s, to have this attention, it?s just weird,? she said.

?Succession? Recap Ahead of Season 4: Which Rat Could Win the Race?

Logan Roy, who compares his children to rodents, still needs a successor going into the final season. Who seemed most likely when we left off?

Al Franken Talks Potential TikTok Ban on ?The Daily Show?

?That?s right, we don?t need a Chinese company stealing our data and spying on us. That?s a job for American companies,? Franken said.

How Much Watching Time Do You Have This Weekend?

Looking for something good? ?Succession? and ?Yellowjackets? are back. Or try a new musical series from a team of Broadway all-stars.

Toheeb Jimoh on ?Ted Lasso? and His Pretty Good Few Years

Just as his character, Sam Obisanya, has grown over the hit series? seasons, the actor?s career has also soared.

?Star Trek: Picard? Season 3, Episode 6 Recap: Night at the Museum

Geordi La Forge gets to right some wrongs, but first he has to make up with his daughter in an episode that doubles as a Callback Museum.

Late Night Awaits Donald Trump?s Perp Walk

Jimmy Kimmel joked that a grand jury ?decided to push the hearing to tomorrow to give Trump supporters time to iron their Confederate flags.?

?The Mandalorian? Season 3, Episode 4 Recap: Out of the Nest

This week filled in some of Baby Yoda?s back story and offered yet another thrilling aerial chase. Then another.

A Stage Adaptation of ?Smash? Is Setting Its Sights on Broadway

Producers including Steven Spielberg have been exploring several possible incarnations of the decade-old TV series. Now they have a plan.

Aaron Sorkin Battled a Stroke as He Reimagined ?Camelot?

The screenwriter overcame a stroke as he worked to revise the beloved but befuddling Golden Age musical for a Broadway revival.

Late Night Is Getting Antsy for a Trump Indictment

The former president was not charged Tuesday, as he predicted. ?Right now in Times Square, Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen are hosting the indictment countdown,? Jimmy Fallon said.

Why There Is Talk of a Writers? Strike in Hollywood

TV and movie writers want more money, but Hollywood companies say the demands ignore economic realities. The deadline to sort out those differences is approaching.

The Problem With Celebrity Travel Shows? The Celebrities.

What used to be meaningfully informative programming, delivered by personable but only tangentially notable hosts, is gradually being swallowed up.

Jimmy Kimmel Celebrates ?the Calm Before the Stormy?

Kimmel joked that indictments were ?in the air? after former President Donald Trump said he expected to be arrested on Tuesday.

?Perry Mason? Season 2, Episode 3 Recap: ?King Kong? Ding-Dong

Perry tries to be a better dad. Della tries a Turkish cigarette. Paul runs an interesting and inconvenient ballistics experiment.

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