The Romance Went Nice and Slow. So, Too, Did the Apartment Hunt.

A couple was waiting for the right time to move in together. After a long search and a surprising twist, the perfect apartment found them.

$1.6 Million Homes in California

A midcentury-modern home designed by Cliff May in Long Beach, a 1918 Craftsman house in Oakland and a three-bedroom bungalow in Sierra Madre.

A Small Home With a Big View in L.A.? He Built It in Mt. Washington.

A critical-care nurse wanted to build a house in Los Angeles for ?just one person.? Finding the perfect lot wasn?t easy.

I Want to Buy a Co-op Now and a Piano Later. Do I Have to Tell the Board?

You should never lie to a co-op board, but you don?t necessarily have to disclose future plans, either. But, ethically, is this a plan that will keep you up at night with guilt?

These Mushrooms Are Not for Eating

As mushrooms become more prominent in nearly all spheres of modern life ? including wellness, pop culture and cuisine ? they?re also becoming sought-after motifs in interior design.

For Sale: Mansions in Los Angeles at Bargain Prices

Millionaire homeowners are trying to sell their houses before the city?s ?mansion tax? goes into effect on April 1.

Two Real Estate Agents Say Racism Was Part of the Culture at Brokerage

A real estate agent, who is white, is suing his former employer in part because he says he was fired for speaking up about the treatment of his colleague, who is Black.

Where It?s Cheaper to Build Than Buy

The states where buying land and hiring a contractor to build a new house beats buying an existing one.

Homes for Sale in New York and New Jersey

This week?s homes are a five-bedroom in Larchmont, and a six-bedroom in Cherry Hill once owned by Muhammad Ali.

Homes for Sale in Brooklyn and Manhattan

This week?s properties are in the South Street Seaport area, on the Upper East Side and in Brooklyn Heights.

This 835-Year-Old English Manor Needs Some Modern Love

Tim and Sue Soar have toiled for decades to maintain their medieval estate and not go broke. They can?t take it much longer. But will it sell?

$250,000 Homes in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Alabama

A Craftsman bungalow in Kaukauna, a rowhouse in Philadelphia and a midcentury ranch house in Florence.

In Duluth, Real Estate Collides With Climate

More Americans are uprooting their lives for safer climates. That sent one Times real estate reporter to the Upper Midwest.

What?s It Like to Live in a Grocery Store? Surprisingly Comfortable.

When two artists bought the vacant building, it was ?grim and creepy.? Now it?s not only a home ? it?s a communal arts space.

$5 Million Homes in California

A Spanish-style home in Los Angeles, a renovated 1905 bungalow in Palo Alto and a Cape Cod-style retreat in Laguna Beach.

How Do People Released From Prison Find Housing?

Thousands of people released from prison in New York go directly to homeless shelters.

My Tenant Split Without Paying the Rent. What Are My Options?

Sometimes simply filing a lawsuit is enough to lure a person to the negotiating table. But you have to find them first.

A Landlord Got a Low Appraisal. He Is Black, and So Are His Tenants.

The landlord says an appraiser, who is white, used unfair comparisons to assess the worth of his apartment building.

In Europe, Home Sales to Americans Are on the Rise

Home sales to Americans have increased significantly, giving them a chance to enjoy a lifestyle they could not afford in major U.S. cities, but the influx risks upsetting local residents.

Homes for Sale in Manhattan and the Bronx

This week?s homes are in Greenwich Village, Lenox Hill and on the Grand Concourse.

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