How Apple and Google Are Overhauling Our Phones With AI

Apple and Google are getting up close and personal with user data to craft memos, summarize documents and generate images.

Apple Intelligence Revealed at WWDC 2024 as Company Jumps Into AI Race

The iPhone maker, which has been slow to embrace artificial intelligence, will weave it into the technology that runs on billions of devices.

California Proposes 30 AI Regulation Laws Amid Federal Standstill

California legislators have made the biggest push to pass new laws to rein in the technology. Colorado passed one protecting consumers.

Is Your Driving Being Secretly Scored?

The insurance industry, hungry for insights into how people drive, has turned to automakers and smartphone apps like Life360.

Lynn Conway, Computing Pioneer and Transgender Advocate, Dies at 86

She made significant contributions at IBM, but she lost her job because of her conviction that she inhabited the wrong body. She later fought for transgender rights.

Elon Musk Got 72% in Tesla Shareholder Vote on Pay

About 72 percent of shares in the balloting affirmed the chief executive?s lucrative stock award. The company hopes to get a court to reinstate it.

Apple Joins the A.I. Party, Elon?s Wild Week and HatGPT

?They really sort of make you feel like it?s Christmas and Coachella at the same time.?

Remo Saraceni, 89, Dies; Inventor of the Walking Piano Seen in ?Big?

His keyboard, which became famous after Tom Hanks melodiously hopped on it, displayed Mr. Saraceni?s vision of technology powered by ?people energy.?

Clearview AI Used Your Face. Now You May Get a Stake in the Company.

The facial recognition start-up doesn?t have the funds to settle a class-action lawsuit, so lawyers are proposing equity for those whose faces were scraped from the internet.

Musk?s Friends and Fans Applaud Shareholder Vote on His Payday

On the social media platform X, which Mr. Musk owns, reactions to a vote that reaffirmed Mr. Musk?s $45 billion package were buoyant.

X CEO Linda Yaccarino Touts Advertiser Return After Musk Takeover

Still, Elon Musk, who owns the platform, and his chief executive Linda Yaccarino, have work to do to grow the business, leaders told employees.

Tesla Shareholders Approve C.E.O. Elon Musk?s Pay Package

The vote was seen as a referendum on his management of the electric car maker and on the limits of executive pay.

Lawmakers Question Brad Smith About Microsoft?s China Business

Brad Smith testified before a House committee a year after Chinese hackers infiltrated Microsoft?s technology and penetrated government networks.

An A.I.-Powered App Helps Readers Make Sense of Classic Texts

Margaret Atwood and John Banville are among the authors who have sold their voices and commentary to an app that aims to bring canonical texts to life with the latest tech.

Fake News Still Has a Home on Facebook

Christopher Blair, a renowned ?liberal troll? who posts falsehoods to Facebook, is having a banner year despite crackdowns by Facebook and growing competition from A.I.

?Brainrot? Is the New Online Affliction

A popular term captures the condition of being terminally online, with humor and pathos.

Tesla?s Nordic Shareholders Seek to Promote Workers? Rights in Vote

Tesla mechanics in Sweden have been striking for six months with little movement from their employer. Nordic shareholders hope to change that.

Tesla?s Stock Price Shows Doubts About Outlook Under Elon Musk

A huge run-up in the stock?s value followed a 2018 vote on Elon Musk?s compensation package. But investors have recently become less enamored.

Tesla Shareholders to Vote on Elon Musk?s Pay Package

The vote is seen as a referendum on the limits of executive pay and the accountability of Silicon Valley billionaires.

What to Know About Europe?s Extra Tariffs on Chinese Electric Cars

The tariffs had been expected for months, but many European automakers warned that they would drive up prices for consumers and set off a trade war with China.

E.U. Hits Electric Vehicles From China With Higher Tariffs

Leaders in Brussels, Washington and beyond are trying to curb China?s automobile ambitions amid rising trade tensions and fears of a glut of Chinese cars flooding global markets.

Elon Musk Withdraws His Lawsuit Against OpenAI and Sam Altman

The Tesla chief executive had claimed that the A.I. start-up put profits and commercial interests ahead of benefiting humanity.

Games Are Proving Their Pull on News and Tech Sites

Word puzzles on LinkedIn. Logic challenges in The Washington Post. For news publishers and tech sites looking to both entice and engage users, games are serious business.

Mistral, a French A.I. Start-Up, Is Valued at $6.2 Billion

Created by alumni from Meta and Google, Mistral is just a year old and has already raised more than $1 billion in total from investors, leading to eye-popping valuations.

Is Slop A.I.?s Answer to Spam? A Phrase Emerges for Bad Search.

A new term has emerged to describe dubious A.I.-generated material.

Abortion Groups Say Tech Companies Suppress Posts and Accounts

The groups say they are increasingly confused and frustrated by how major technology platforms moderate posts about abortion services.

Can Apple Rescue the Vision Pro?

The $3,500 ?spatial computing? device has gathered dust on my shelf. Can tweaks and upgrades save it from obsolescence?

Hey, Siri! Let?s Talk About How Apple Is Giving You an A.I. Makeover.

Apple, a latecomer to artificial intelligence, has struck a deal with OpenAI and developed tools to improve its Siri voice assistant, which it is set to showcase on Monday.

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