Conservatives Aim to Build an A.I. Chatbot of Their Own

After criticizing A.I. companies for liberal bias, programmers started envisioning right-wing alternatives, making chatbots a new front in the culture wars.

Turing Award Won by Co-Inventor of Ethernet Technology

In the 1970s, Bob Metcalfe helped develop the primary technology that lets you send email or connect with a printer over an office network.

Pulling the Plug on TikTok Will Be Harder Than It Looks

The tensions over the Chinese-owned social media app will come to a head on Thursday, when the company?s chief executive testifies on Capitol Hill.

Google Releases Bard, Its AI Chatbot, a Rival to ChatGPT and Bing

The internet giant will grant users access to a chatbot after years of cautious development, chasing splashy debuts from rivals OpenAI and Microsoft.

Relativity Space?s 3-D Printed Rocket Fails Just After Launch

Relativity Space, a private company with ambitions for sending people to Mars, made it off the launchpad, but the vehicle experienced problems during the second stage of its flight.

Lindsay Lohan and Jake Paul Among Crypto Endorsers Charged by SEC

The agency charged Justin Sun with violations of securities law in a scheme involving the actress Lindsay Lohan and other celebrities.

William A. Wulf, Pioneering Computer Scientist, Dies at 83

One of the first people to receive a graduate degree in the field, Dr. Wulf helped to adapt an early Pentagon communications web into the network that eventually grew into the internet.

How Parents Can Talk About AI and ChatGPT With Their Kids

Artificial intelligence can make adults nervous, but experts say exploring it as a family is the best way to understand its pros and cons.

What Google Bard Can Do (and What It Can?t)

Google has released a new chatbot to a limited number of people in the U.S. and Britain. How does it compare with what is already out there?

Inside the 3 Months That Could Cost Fox $1.6 Billion

The decision by Fox News executives in November 2020 to treat the more hard-right Newsmax as a mortal threat spawned a possibly more serious danger.

BONUS: Hard Fork Live! Big Tech?s Arch Nemesis + Bot or Not?

Live from the South by Southwest festival in Austin, a conversation with the assistant attorney general Jonathan Kanter.

Amazon Plans to Lay Off Another 9,000 Employees

The cuts follow a round of layoffs announced several months ago that affected more than 18,000 jobs.

Falling Lithium Prices Are Making Electric Cars More Affordable

An unexpected decline in the price of an essential battery material, along with those of other commodities, is good news for buyers. But experts disagree on how long low prices will last.

Crypto Wants Its Shine Back

After a miserable year, cryptocurrency companies are looking for ways to rebrand products that many consumers no longer trust.

Book Review: ?Meganets,? by David B. Auerbach

Who?s really in charge of our online behavior? No one, David Auerbach argues in ?Meganets.?

YouTube Restores Donald Trump?s Account Privileges

The Google-owned video platform became the latest of the big social networks to reverse the former president?s account restrictions.

Justice Dept. Investigating TikTok?s Owner Over Possible Spying on Journalists

The inquiry appears to be tied to an admission by the app?s owner, ByteDance, that employees had inappropriately obtained Americans? data. The company said it had fired the workers involved.

WeWork Reaches a Debt Restructuring Deal With SoftBank

The agreement will reduce the unprofitable office space company?s debt, giving it more financial breathing room.

Twitter?s Talks Over Licensing Music Are Said to Stall Under Elon Musk

Twitter didn?t move forward with the music licensing deals because of costs, people with knowledge of the matter said.

Silicon Valley Bank?s Deep Ties to the Tech Industry

More than many other banks, SVB catered to how risky tech start-ups and their backers do not adhere to normal business practices.

GPT-4 Is Here, and the Silicon Valley Bank Fallout

Then, Mark Zuckerberg rethinks Meta?s strategy.

Microsoft and Google Unveil AI Tools for Businesses

New artificial intelligence technology is roiling Silicon Valley. For now, the most obvious ways to use it are in software like Microsoft?s suite of products.

Twitch?s Chief Executive Says He Is Resigning

Emmett Shear was a co-founder of the Amazon-owned streaming service and managed it for 16 years.

U.K. Bans TikTok on Government Devices

The move reflects fears in Britain and elsewhere in the West that the popular app?s Chinese ownership could share user information with Beijing.

China?s Answer to ChatGPT Gets an Artificial Debut and Disappoints

The promised ?live? demonstration of the bot had, in fact, been recorded. Shares of Baidu, the company behind the technology, tumbled in Hong Kong.

How ChatGPT and Generative AI Could Change the Way We Travel

Powerful new artificial-intelligence software is already shaking up the travel industry, but it has a long way to go until it can plan a seamless trip. For now.

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