When the Only Escape From War in Gaza Is to Buy a Way Out

For many Palestinians, securing approval to exit the territory is possible only after raising thousands of dollars to pay middlemen or an Egyptian company.

Who Is Ibrahim al-Organi, Accused of Charging Palestinians to Escape Gaza?

Ibrahim al-Organi has close connections with the Egyptian government, diplomats say, and he has multiple business interests in Gaza.

Extreme Heat in Rural America, and Putin Visits Vietnam

Plus, Louisiana and the Ten Commandments.

Biden?s Lead With Women Is Smaller Than Trump?s With Men, a Warning for Democrats

A new poll of female voters finds that concerns about inflation are still paramount, even as abortion could motivate Democratic women in states where the issue is on the ballot.

Trump Tries to Set Expectations, and Floats Excuses, for His Debate With Biden

The former president has set a low bar for President Biden?s performance at next week?s matchup. Now, he is preparing supporters for the possibility that Mr. Biden clears it.

RFK Jr. Fails to Qualify for CNN Debate With Trump and Biden

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. did not meet the criteria to make the debate stage next week, according to the outlet, denying him the opportunity to confront President Biden and Donald J. Trump.

Here?s How Many Cases the Supreme Court Has Yet to Decide

Even as the size of its docket has shrunk, the court has deferred a larger share of its decisions to the very end of its term.

Russia and North Korea?s Defense Pact Is a Told-You-So Moment in Asia

While the agreement rattled officials in South Korea and Japan, the two U.S. allies in recent years have been expecting growing security challenges from North Korea.

Russia and North Korea?s Defense Pact Is a New Headache for China

The treaty raises the risk of confrontation in the region and could prompt the United States and its allies to bolster their military presence on China?s periphery.

3 Takeaways From Putin?s Trip to Vietnam

The state visit by President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia to Vietnam had a very different backdrop than his trip to North Korea, as Hanoi has deepened ties with Washington.

Tropical Storm Alberto Makes Landfall in Northeast Mexico, Brings Floods to Texas

The large-scale storm brought heavy rain and coastal flooding to parts of eastern Mexico and southern Texas. At least three people were reportedly killed in Mexico in storm-related events.

Rural America Lags Cities in Helping People Beat the Heat

Most strategies in the U.S. for helping people stay cool are geared toward urban areas, leaving behind vulnerable rural populations.

How Architecture Became One of Ukraine?s Essential Defenses

An exhibition in downtown Manhattan showcases more than a dozen grass-roots efforts to rebuild war-stricken cities.

Spicy Noodles and Pickled Fish: Chinese Eateries Move Into Hong Kong

As the cultural lines between Hong Kong and China blur, restaurants from the mainland are finding opportunities in the city. But not everyone is happy.

What Happened When Brooklyn Tried to Integrate Its Middle Schools

A new report found that many schools enrolled more racially and socioeconomically diverse groups of students without sparking a major exodus of families from public schools.

What to Know About an Effort To Desegregate NYC Schools

A major lawsuit against racial inequality in New York City?s public schools is moving forward. Already, local districts in the city were trying different measures to diversify schools.

Seafaring Nomads Settle Down Without Quite Embracing Life on Land

Indonesia?s Bajo people, who once spent most of their lives in boats or offshore huts, are adopting more sedentary habits, but without forsaking their deep connection to the sea.

If Donald Trump Returns, So Will Backroom Lobbyists Like Paul Manafort

If Donald Trump is re-elected, expect a return to backroom lobbying deals that favor well-financed companies and countries, and exclude everyone else.

Why Activists Keep Failing the Causes That Fire Them Up

They need to stop accepting short-term victories.

No, I Don?t Want to Protest

I don?t like operating in unison and I?ve never been much of a tribalist or a joiner.

Tolstoy and Tchaikovsky Will Survive, but Putin Has Tainted My Idea of Russia

Russian émigrés have always had complicated feelings about their homeland. The war in Ukraine adds shame to the mix.

Your Guide to the Heat

It?s the first major heat wave of 2024.

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?Extremely Dangerous? Floods Hit New Mexico Region Ravaged by Wildfires

The rain will help control the fires, which have killed two people and scorched more than 23,000 acres, but threatens more flash flooding.

Summer Solstice 2024: Why It?s the Longest Day of the Year

We have Earth?s off-kilter tilt to thank for the summer solstice, as well as the different seasons.

Bank of England Holds Rates Steady, Despite Slower Inflation

Officials kept rates at their highest level since 2008 for a seventh consecutive meeting, even as inflation dipped to 2 percent in May.

Oldest Shipwreck Discovered Off Coast of Israel

About a mile beneath the sea, the ship suggests that trade in the eastern Mediterranean Sea traveled much farther from the safety of land.

My Favorite Way to Make Salmon Even Better

Dried limes can take your weeknight meal to the next level.

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