?Inside Out 2? Review: A Charming Sequel to the 2015 Hit

Anxiety meets Joy in Pixar?s eager, predictably charming sequel to its innovative 2015 hit. Sadness is still around, too, as are Fear and Disgust.

Henry VIII and Katherine Parr, Who Survived Him, Are the Focus of ?Firebrand?

?Firebrand? focuses on his sixth spouse as she tries to outlast the ailing king and his treacherous court. ?I thought of it as a thriller,? the director says.

?Dancing for the Devil?: A Cult Docuseries That Takes Its Time

This three-part Netflix documentary examines the supposed scheme to exploit TikTok dancers ? and proves why cult narratives shouldn?t be rushed.

How ?Inside Out 2? Battles Anxiety

The director Kelsey Mann narrates a sequence from his film, which pits Joy (voiced by Amy Poehler) against Anxiety (Maya Hawke).

?Tiger Stripes? Review: A Ferocious Change

Myth and the changes of puberty combine in Amanda Nell Eu?s fierce, funny debut feature.

?Brats?: What to Know About the Brat Pack Documentary

A new documentary revisits the group of young actors that helped define the decade. Here are some of its most interesting moments.

Five Action Movies to Stream Now

This month?s picks include bruised bodies and bruised male egos.

?Firebrand? Review: Placid Queen

Top-shelf actors and authentic Tudor table-setting fail to quicken this glumly unfocused take on the exploits of Henry VIII?s last wife, Katherine Parr.

?Ghostlight? Review: With Patient Ears, Attend

The film is a gentle, emotional drama about a family struggling to stay together. It?s also about the power of theater.

Ariana DeBose, Tonys Host, Just Might Be the Busiest Woman on Broadway

Back in New York City after filming a movie, the actress has been racing to shows while also rehearsing for Sunday night?s ceremony.

Martin Starger, Influential Shaper of TV and Movies, Dies at 92

In his decade at ABC, long the doormat network in prime time, he helped guide it toward the No. 1 spot. He later produced ?Nashville? and won an Emmy for ?Friendly Fire.?

What ?Inside Out 2? Teaches Us About Anxiety

A new emotion has taken over Riley?s teenage mind. And she has lessons for us all.

9 New Movies Our Critics Are Talking About This Week

Whether you?re a casual moviegoer or an avid buff, our reviewers think these films are worth knowing about.

Remo Saraceni, 89, Dies; Inventor of the Walking Piano Seen in ?Big?

His keyboard, which became famous after Tom Hanks melodiously hopped on it, displayed Mr. Saraceni?s vision of technology powered by ?people energy.?

?Inside Out 2? | Anatomy of a Scene

The director Kelsey Mann narrates a sequence from his film.

?Ultraman: Rising? Review: Bringing Up Beastie

A superhero raises a baby monster in this animated film. But the action is dragged down by talky sequences about parental responsibility.

?Treasure? Review: Unearthing the Past

Lena Dunham and Stephen Fry star in a Holocaust-memory drama that uneasily doubles as a father-daughter road movie.

?Summer Solstice? Review: Through Thick and Thin

A triumph of sensitivity, Noah Schamus?s debut feature tracks a rural reunion between old friends struggling to recover their bond.

?Reverse the Curse? Review: Baseball Is Life

The writer-director David Duchovny plays a long-suffering Red Sox fan with cancer who may yet live to see the team defeat the Yankees.

?Ride? Review: Heists, Heifers and Hospital Bills

A father and son resort to desperate measures to save an ailing child in this Texas-set dramatic thriller.

?Brats? Review: Feeding St. Elmo?s Ire

In this documentary, Andrew McCarthy examines fame and disappointment as a member of the so-called Brat Pack of the 1980s.

Tony Lo Bianco, ?French Connection? Actor, Dies at 87

Once labeled a ?natural-born heavy,? he shined onscreen and especially onstage, securing a Tony nomination and winning an Obie Award.

Sony Pictures Acquires Alamo Drafthouse in Lifeline to Cinema Chain

The deal is a rare example of a traditional Hollywood studio owning a movie theater chain.

Robert De Niro Doesn?t Mind Being Celebrated

Blake Lively, Jude Law, Selma Blair and many more turned out for the Tribeca Film Festival?s annual artists dinner, ahead of a weekend devoted to Mr. De Niro?s work.

Disney?s Splash Mountain Set to Reopen With Princess Tiana Theme

The ride was closed last year because of its connection to a racist film. Disney overhauled it to focus on Tiana, Disney?s first Black princess, drawing praise and backlash.

Watch Glen Powell and Adria Arjona Fight and Flirt in ?Hit Man?

The director Richard Linklater narrates a pivotal sequence from his rom-com thriller.

?Hit Man? | Anatomy of a Scene

Richard Linklater, the director of ?Hit Man,? narrates a pivotal sequence from his film, starring Glen Powell and Adria Arjona.

Chucky, Queer Icon? Peacock Includes Killer Doll in Pride Month Collection.

A graphic on the Peacock home screen seemed to induct the killer doll into the gay pantheon. His creator, however, says Chucky?s queer credentials are well established.

Amid Outcry, Academy Museum to Revise Exhibit on Hollywood?s Jewish Roots

When the museum first opened, it was criticized for omitting Hollywood?s Jewish pioneers. Now it is under fire for what its new exhibit says about them.

In ?Dark Noon,? Hollywood Westerns Get a South African Reboot

At St. Ann?s Warehouse, a collaboration between a Danish director and a South African troupe that questions the tropes of Western films.

The Animosity Tour and Other Promotional Movie Campaigns We Love

For Jennifer Lopez, Sterling K. Brown, Dakota Johnson and others, the standard publicity push isn?t so standard anymore.

Adria Arjona on ?Hit Man? and How the Production Surprised Her

The actress, who stars with Glen Powell, said that with the contract-killer movie, her ideas were finally valued in a writers? room.

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