?Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves? Review: They?re on a Roll

An ensemble cast aims to bring comedy and adventure to this film made in the image of the popular role-playing game.

?A Thousand and One? Review: A New York Love Story

A mesmerizing Teyana Taylor stars in A.V. Rockwell?s feature directing debut, about motherhood and survival in a fast-changing city.

A Beginner?s Guide to Dungeons & Dragons

The filmmakers behind ?Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves? help explain the characters, monsters and spells that make up their new film.

The Bizarro Worlds of Quentin Dupieux?s Comedy

The French director, whose latest film is ?Smoking Causes Coughing,? spoke about five comedy clips that have inspired his work.

Teyana Taylor?s Pivot to Acting: ?It Was a Real-Life Faith Walk?

After stepping away from recording music, the artist has turned to movies with a lead role in ?A Thousand and One.?

Adam Sandler Grows Up (Mostly)

At 56, the formerly juvenile funnyman has matured into a subtler, more nuanced comedy performer. It?s why the ?Murder Mystery? films work so well.

?Tetris? Review: Falling Blocks and Rising Freedom

Like its namesake, this film is clever, crafty and shockingly entertaining.

Three Great Documentaries to Stream

This month?s picks include a film about a summer camp for the disabled, a portrait of a defense secretary?s regrets about the Vietnam War and one of the best sport documentaries of all time.

Michael R. Jackson on the Soap Opera Origins of ?White Girl in Danger?

The musical?s creator and creative team discuss their influences, including ?Days of Our Lives,? ?Showgirls? and D?Angelo.

How Cold War Politics Destroyed the Band Blood, Sweat & Tears

A new documentary chronicles the strange, intrigue-filled saga of Blood, Sweat & Tears and its disastrous Eastern Bloc tour in 1970.

Five Horror Movies to Stream Now

This month?s picks will creep you out with supernatural sounds, toilet terrors and a jaw-dropping twist.

Why Tetris Consumed Your Brain

Tetris exploded in popularity after a race in the 1980s to secure global rights for the Soviet-made video game, a tale retold in a new movie. It is still captivating minds decades later.

A Movie Confronts Germany?s Other Genocide

?Measures of Men? tells the story of the systematic massacre of Herero and Nama people in what is now Namibia. Its maker hopes the film will bring a debate about Germany?s colonial guilt into the center of society.

?Murder Mystery 2? Review: The Case of the Innocuous Sequel

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston return as private detectives in this Netflix follow-up comedy.

Michael Blackwood, Who Captured 20th-Century Artists on Film, Dies at 88

He made cinéma vérité documentaries ? more than 160 ? about musicians (Thelonious Monk), architects (Frank Gehry), composers (Philip Glass) and sculptors (Isamu Noguchi).

Stream These 9 Titles Before They Leave Netflix in April

A bunch of great TV shows and movies are departing for U.S. subscribers this month. Catch them while you can.

?Imagining the Indian? Review: Fighting Offensive Imagery

This documentary, subtitled ?The Fight Against Native American Mascoting,? argues that Native-themed sports team branding fits into a history of systemic racism.

?Rye Lane? Review: A Lively Modern Rom-Com With a British Accent

Raine Allen-Miller?s feature debut revives the genre with exuberant performances and a vibrant South London setting.

?Spinning Gold? Review: For the Records

A son?s tribute to the Casablanca Records impresario Neil Bogart gives short shrift to the art and the artists.

?The Line? Review: Family Boundaries

This emotionally probing, if occasionally unfocused, drama explores the dynamics among an egocentric mother and her three daughters.

?In Viaggio: The Travels of Pope Francis? Review: Serene Demeanor, Bracing Message

The Pontiff travels well. Gianfranco Rosi?s new documentary chronicles his visits to Catholic communities the world over, and he never seems to tire.

?Kill Boksoon? Review: It?s a Deadly Job for a Busy Single Mom

An assassin must choose between the murderous career she loves and the daughter she?s been hiding it from.

?Smoking Causes Coughing? Review: A Superteam Saga With a Demented Twist

Quentin Dupieux?s gift for surreal comedy is in full bloom in this nutty tale of heroes named after tobacco?s toxic components.

?Enys Men? Review: Island of the Lost

In this stylistically bold folk-horror movie, a woman is disturbed by visions related to a long-ago tragedy.

?Fugue? Review: Lost Time

This psychological thriller about a woman experiencing amnesia poses an essentially cinematic question: Who are we without our memories?

?Giraffe? Review: Introspection in the Danish Countryside

In the pensive drama ?Giraffe,? an ethnologist researching an abandoned cottage wonders whether her own life could or should change.

?Space Oddity? Review: Failure to Launch

Men will literally contemplate traveling to Mars instead of going to therapy in ?Space Oddity,? directed by Kyra Sedgwick.

Prosecutor Behind ?Rust? Charges Steps Aside, Appointing Replacements

The involuntary manslaughter case against Alec Baldwin has suffered setbacks, and now the district attorney has withdrawn from the case and named two special prosecutors.

At New Directors/New Films, See the World Through Perceptive Filmmakers? Eyes

?Earth Mama,? ?Tótem? and other strong entries offer proof that the art form is flourishing regardless of what?s happening in Hollywood.

?I?m an Electric Lampshade? Review: My Accountant, the Pop Star

A 60-year-old retiree travels to the Philippines to follow his dreams of stardom in this documentary.

A John Wick Action Scene, Step by Step

Look behind the scenes at the climactic sequence in ?John Wick: Chapter 4,? set on 222 steps leading up to the Sacré-Coeur Basilica in Paris.

Disney Lays Off Ike Perlmutter, Chairman of Marvel Entertainment

The move, part of a cost-cutting campaign, followed Mr. Perlmutter?s unsuccessful effort to shake up Disney?s board.

?Spin Me Round,? ?Small Town Crime? and More Streaming Gems

This month?s recommended viewing includes a pair of unconventional rom-coms, genre titles with a lot on their minds and two must-see docs for music lovers.

Ari Aster Wants to Terrify (and Tickle) You With ?Beau Is Afraid?

The maker of ?Midsommar? may be known for horror, but he thought that film was comical. With his latest movie, ?Beau Is Afraid,? the dark humor is more apparent.

Little Lionsgate Soars to the Top With John Wick Ticket Sales

?John Wick: Chapter 4? took in roughly $73.5 million on its opening weekend, a rare phenomenon this far into a series.

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