The First Trump Indictment Is Here, and It Matters

The hush money scheme is part of a pattern of anti-democratic behavior.

The Rule of Law Now Depends on Republicans

Trump and his defenders are priming his supporters to reject our legal system.

Even Donald Trump Should Be Held Accountable

A grand jury?s decision to indict Donald Trump is a necessary part of the American justice system.

I Worry About a Failed Prosecution of Trump, but I Worry More About No Prosecution

There are legitimate concerns about this indictment, but how could we give the boss a pass after convicting his fixer?

The Republican Party Says It Wants to Protect Children, but Not All Children

When Tucker Carlson, Christopher Rufo and Moms for Liberty say jump, the only question is: How high?

The Fed?s War on Inflation Is a Class War

When the Federal Reserve uses interest rate hikes as a blunt tool, American workers are the inevitable casualty.

The Wrongs We Cannot Erase

Ticker-tape parades are an honor that we bestow as a people, and to edit the record of them is to blot out our own mistakes.

There?s a Much Smarter Way to Take On TikTok

Blocking the popular app isn?t the solution.

Fallout From the Trump Indictment

Readers both hail and condemn the indictment and discuss the political effects.

A.I. May Change Everything, but Probably Not Too Quickly

History suggests that technological payoffs take time.

Where Have All the Neckties Gone?

They?re in my closet.

Fear of an A.I. Pundit

Could machine intelligence become prophetic?

The Solution to Israel?s Crisis Might Be in America?s Constitution

It might learn from the American experience that a crisis can open unexpected vistas for the Jewish state.

Why Do Russians Still Want to Fight?

The war in Ukraine may be a horror, but it?s also an opportunity.

The Necessity of Patriotism (Even in Times Like These)

America is rebounding, but will cynicism stop the renewal?

Donald Trump, Now Under Indictment

Readers speculate about the impact and wisdom of bringing the hush money charges.

How Did No-Mandate Sweden End Up With Such an Average Pandemic?

Reconsidering the country?s libertarian Covid response.

Teaching Conservative Principles on Campus

Readers discuss a guest essay about how liberal professors can mentor conservative students. Also: Child abductions; talking with teens; art scams.

This Election Could Be the Beginning of the End of Scott Walker?s Legacy in Wisconsin

A state Supreme Court contest could break the right?s lock on the state. Abortion, representation and election integrity are all on the ballot.

Governor Newsom?s Plan to Turn San Quentin Into a Rehabilitation Center for Prison System

Governor Newsom?s plans to re-engineer San Quentin could change how tens of thousands of Californians transition out of prison each year.

The Most Profound Loss on Campus Isn?t Free Speech. It?s Listening.

It isn?t enough to challenge someone unless you?re willing to be challenged back.

Do We Really Need to Have a Cold War With China?

A Cold War mentality toward China degrades the freedoms and cultural confidence that make America great.

What Would It Take for One Party to Dominate America Again?

Even without a financial debacle or outbreak of civil conflict, there may be ways for a party to achieve at least short periods of dominance.

Affirmative Action Is in Peril and ?Model Minority? Stories Don?t Help

Asian Americans are being exploited by white activists with an agenda.

A Florida School Banned a Disney Movie About Ruby Bridges. Here?s What That Really Means.

The state?s crusading censors are choosing the comfort of ignorance over the inconvenience of truth.

An Open Letter to Governor Lee on the Slaughter of Our Children

You may be the only one in this entire state who could do something to protect our children. You could do it if you wanted to.

Can India Change the World?

For most of history, it was one of the world?s leading economies, and it now has a fighting chance to recover that role.

In the Face of Tragedy, Petitioning God Is an Act of Faith

?We?re praying for you? has been ridiculed as an empty phrase. But it can be an incitement to action rather than an excuse for inaction.

Money Is Up. Patriotism and Religion Are Down.

A new survey revealed a striking decline in traditional American values. What should we make of it?

A Homeless Camp and a Business, Side by Side in Phoenix

Readers respond to an article about an encampment and a nearby small business. Also: George W. Bush and AIDS; separating families; opera and politics; kangaroos.

Will Ambitious Plans for a ?New? New York Get Crushed in Albany?

The State Legislature appears ready to block plans to significantly expand housing in the city and suburbs.

Eastern Kentucky Needs Flood Relief, Not Another Federal Prison

Exploitation is not an economic development strategy.

Do You Live in a ?Tight? State or a ?Loose? One? Turns Out It Matters Quite a Bit.

What has happened to produce such intense hostility between left and right?

How the Right Turned Radical and the Left Became Depressed

A new poll offers the outline of a unifying theory of right-wing recklessness and liberal anomie.

I Know How Nuclear War Is Waged, So I?m Calling for Peace With North Korea

Pursuing a long-overdue official end to the Korean War could be a game changer.

We?re About to Find Out How Far the Supreme Court Will Go to Arm America

The Biden administration has asked the justices to overturn an appeals court decision on guns that can charitably be described as nuts.

As a Doctor, I Know Being Ready to Die Is an Illusion

It is easier to search for readiness than to process what its absence means.

In Israel, Democracy Still Holds

The Jewish state?s political center shows it is capable of defeating the extremist fringe.

How Can We Be a Country That Does This to Our Children?

We should judge a nation by a simple metric: the number of weeping parents it allows, the small caskets it tolerates.

I Did Not Feel the Need to See People Like Me on TV or in Books

As a Black man from a relatively comfortable background, I preferred stories that taught me about other people.

After the Nashville Shooting: What We Can Do About Gun Violence

Readers expression frustration at inaction and urge strikes and a summit to prod government officials. Also: Antisemitism; Medicare Advantage plans; Netanyahu.

Trump?s Legal Jeopardy and America?s Political Crossroads

David French takes stock of the cases involving the ex-president and the challenges they present to the political system.

Dr. Fauci Could Have Said a Lot More

If officials don?t trust the public, the public won?t trust them.

What the Republican Push for ?Parents? Rights? Is Really About

The culture war that conservatives are currently waging over education is, like the culture wars in other areas of American society, a cover for a more material and ideological agenda.

I Am Going Blind, and I Now Find It Strangely Exhilarating

Now that I signal my disability with a white cane, I find that I have tapped a well of visible kindness.

Alexander Skarsgard Explains the Answer to Everything. (It Involves Doing Some Math.)

It?s time to completely rethink how we measure economic success.

Alexander Skarsgard Explains the Answer to Everything. (It Involves Doing Some Math.)

It?s time to completely rethink how we measure our economic success.

Netanyahu Cannot Be Trusted

The Israeli prime minister has become an irrational actor.

Israel?s Crisis Has a Distinctly American Flavor

Israel has learned some unhealthy habits from the United States.

Netanyahu Is Gambling With Israel?s Future

?The ax has not come down yet, but it?s still hanging.?

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