If Donald Trump Wins, So Will Paul Manafort. ?You Are a Real Man.?

If Donald Trump is re-elected, expect a return to backroom lobbying deals that favor well-financed companies and countries, and exclude everyone else.

Why Activists Keep Failing the Causes That Fire Them Up

They need to stop accepting short-term victories.

No, I Don?t Want to Protest

I don?t like operating in unison and I?ve never been much of a tribalist or a joiner.

Putin Has Tainted Russian Greatness

Russian émigrés have always had complicated feelings about their homeland. The war in Ukraine adds shame to the mix.

What It Meant to Come Out at 40

A collection of stories on the challenges and joys of coming out later in life.

The Immigration Reform We Need Begins on the Street Corner

The administration should have a consistent vision on immigration instead of ping-ponging between border harshness and beneficial half-measures for some of the undocumented.

Something?s Rotten About the Justices Taking So Long on Trump?s Immunity Case

It shouldn?t take so long for the justices to consider an outlandish claim.

How Scared Should You Be of Bird Flu?

Here?s who needs to worry right now.

End Legal Slavery in the United States

Compulsory labor with little or no compensation should be unthinkable.

Where the World Plans to Test Nuclear Weapons Next

Let?s not make it the future, too.

Willie Mays, ?Poetry on the Diamond?

Readers pay tribute to the beloved Giants great, who died on Tuesday.

Life With Alzheimer?s: Families? Stories

Readers recount their experiences coping with the disease. Also: A mother?s dementia; the B.D.S. movement; dangers of factory farms.

It?s Time to Ban Pharmaceutical Advertising

There are too many drug ads on social media to ever regulate them properly, and ads drive up prescription costs.

Political Scientists Want to Know Why We Hate One Another This Much

What does the rise of partisan sectarians portend for the rest of us?

Immigration Is a Matter of Life or Death. Mine Included.

Glenn Kramon discusses the coincidences that led him to realize how critical immigration was to his recent cancer battle.

The Good News About a Bad G.P.A.

A mediocre high school record doesn?t have to define your life.

How Capitalism Went Off the Rails

Easy money destroyed the basis for productive, competitive markets.

Biden Courts Some Liberal Love on Immigration

For thousands of families, Biden?s plan will be a game-changer.

Planning the Resistance to Trump

Readers discuss preparations by progressive activists and others. Also: A nuclear threat; geoengineering; Gaza protests in Belgium; a tribe?s whale hunt.

American Leaders Should Stop Debasing Themselves on Israel

You have to wonder if American ?friends? of Israel have any clue about the nature of Israel?s government.

On Juneteenth, Freedom Came With Strings Attached

The best way to think of the holiday is not as the moment Black people attained freedom but as a moment in the struggle to realize freedom.

Donald Trump, Jan. 6 and Waiting for Justice in America

It?s not as if anybody needs a trial to form an opinion about the events of that day.

The Biggest Political Divide Is Not Left vs. Right

Yanna Krupnikov probes the motivations of Americans who avoid politics ? but often vote.

Two Years After Roe v. Wade: ?They?re Taking the Power From Us.?

In Memphis, a doctor and a volunteer driver contemplate the discontinuation of abortion services at a women?s health clinic two years after the overturning of Roe v. Wade.


In Memphis, a doctor and a volunteer driver contemplate the discontinuation of abortion services at a women?s health clinic two years after the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

An Israeli Hostage Parent: Comparing Hamas to the Nazis Is Wrong

Invoking Nazis and pogroms in discussing the Hamas attacks is wrong and offensive, and helps the Israeli government avoid responsibility for its failures.

In Indiana, the MAGA Revolution Eats Its Own

A Christian nationalist upset causes Republican angst.

Effective Altruism Is Flawed. But What?s the Alternative?

The movement can?t answer our deepest moral questions, but it still has wisdom to offer.

The Paths to Progress for Our Graduates

Responses to an essay about ?no promise? graduates. Also: Justice Alito and ?godliness?; Sudan?s tragedy; whistle-blower protections; dreading election night.

A Warning on Social Media Is the Very Least We Can Do

It?s a mere Band-Aid on a suppurating wound.

What Chase Oliver, the 2024 Libertarian Candidate, Believes

Jane Coaston interviews the new nominee, Chase Oliver, about his beliefs.

Trump Isn?t Choosing a V.P. He?s Casting a Reality Show.

Everything Donald Trump knows about picking a running mate in 2024 he learned while hosting ?The Apprentice.?

Chasing Spring and Fireflies Into the Absolute Darkness

There were no trees. There was no road. I was the trees, and I was the road. That darkness was like no darkness I?ve ever known.

Doctors Like Me Are Falling Into This Medical Bill Trap

Hospital outpatient departments, or HOPDs, are encouraging a surprise scourge on medical costs. It?s patients who bear the burden.

Bidenomics: The Queen Bee Is Jennifer Harris

Jennifer Harris is the intellectual force driving the administration?s approach to trade and economic policies.

Surgeon General: Social Media Platforms Need a Health Warning

It?s time for decisive action to protect our young people.

U.N. Humanitarian Chief: World Leaders Are Failing Us

They are breaking the compact between ordinary people and those in whom power is vested.

Men and Women, Together and Solo

Readers respond to a column by Nicholas Kristof. Also: An arms competition with China; A.D.H.D. medication; Donald Trump?s divisive rhetoric.

What Happens When You Knock on 8,000 Doors

Listening to the stories of voters on their thresholds, we felt their need to trust.

How John Roberts Lost His Court

New challenges to the Supreme Court?s image of probity and detachment seem to keep coming.

Parents of Addicts See Themselves in Joe Biden?s Love for Hunter Biden

Many parents see themselves in the president?s affection for his son.

Fatherhood Transforms Men?s Brains and Bodies

New science reveals parenting is transformative for men.

J.D. Vance?s Strange Turn to 1876

A look at the senator?s defense of Donald Trump?s conduct after the 2020 election.

The Supreme Court Ruling in the Starbucks Case Proves the Law Won?t Save Labor

To win a union campaign, workers need a strong organizing committee and a hammer to enforce the right to organize. The law is not that hammer.

What Have Progressives Done to the West Coast?

Infected with ideological purity, the West Coast is focused more on intentions than on oversight and outcomes.

Learning to Love My Father as His Mind Unraveled

The experience of living with my father?s dementia ranged from tragic to tragicomic to vaudevillian, often within the span of a few minutes.

Birding My Way Through Chemo

The future is uncertain. But it feels less scary surrounded by feathered friends.

Jan. 6, America?s Rupture and the Strange, Forgotten Power of Oblivion

After a profound national rupture, forgiveness may be impossible. But the long-overlooked act of oblivion could offer a solution.

Growing Old, With Grace and Aches

Older readers offer a range of perspectives in response to a column by Charles M. Blow.

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