Student Protesters Want Charges Dropped as Universities Grapple With Discipline

At pro-Palestinian demonstrations, students have broken codes of conduct and, sometimes, the law. But the question of whether and how to discipline them is vexing universities.

Yale Chooses Maurie McInnis as New President

Maurie D. McInnis, a cultural historian, will be the first woman to serve as the school?s permanent president.

Harvard Says It Will No Longer Take Positions on Matters Outside of the University

The policy could ease pressure on the school to issue statements on current events. Officials were criticized for their handling of the Oct. 7 Hamas attacks.

Trump Elevates a Conservative ?Warrior? on Education

Byron Donalds is best known as a Trump defender and potential vice-presidential pick. But in Florida, the congressman and his wife made a name ? and a business ? in the charter school movement.

In Antisemitism Hearing, Republicans Demand Discipline for Student Protesters

Leaders of Northwestern, U.C.L.A. and Rutgers, drawing lessons from prior hearings, sought to avoid enraging either the Republicans on the committee or members of their own institutions.

Anyone Want to Be a College President? There Are (Many) Openings

The job is not what it used to be. There are openings at U.C.L.A., Yale, Harvard, Cornell, Penn ? and many, many others.

U.C.L.A. Police Make First Arrest in Attack on Protest Encampment

Edan On, an 18-year-old, was charged with assault. The police said he beat pro-Palestinian protesters with a wooden pole.

Protesters at University of Chicago Take Over Institute of Politics Building

Heidi Heitkamp was in her office at the University of Chicago?s Institute of Politics when protesters occupied the building.

Dartmouth?s President, Sian Leah Beilock, Called in Police Quickly. The Fallout Was Just as Swift.

Local law enforcement went in just a couple of hours after a protest encampment went up.

How Columbia University Lost Support From the Russell Berrie Foundation

Columbia University has faced enormous public pressure over protests. But emails and interviews also show some of the private demands on the Ivy League school.

U.S.C. Tries to Manage ?Train Wreck? of a Graduation

A Netflix star will not speak at a ceremony. Security is high. And some professors are pushing for the valedictorian, whose speech was canceled, to give an address.

Why Al Jazeera is the Go To News Source for Student Protesters

Students active in campus protests value Al Jazeera?s on-the-ground coverage and its perspective on the Israel-Hamas war. They draw distinctions between it and major American outlets.

Two Universities Cancel Speeches by U.N. Ambassador

Invitations to Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield were withdrawn by Xavier University and the University of Vermont because of student objections to American support for Israel.

It?s Not Just Gaza: Student Protesters See Links to a Global Struggle

In many students? eyes, the war in Gaza is linked to other issues, such as policing, mistreatment of Indigenous people, racism and the impact of climate change.

What the First Amendment Means for Campus Protests

Encampments? Occupying buildings? Demonstrators cite their right to free expression, but the issues are thorny.

The Congresswoman Going After Elite Universities on Antisemitism

Representative Virginia Foxx is a blunt partisan. But her life in rural North Carolina informs her attacks against these schools, starting with whether Harvard is truly ?elite.?

With States Banning DEI, Some Universities Find a Workaround

Welcome to the new ?Office of Access and Engagement.? Schools are renaming departments and job titles to try to preserve diversity programs.

U.S.C. Cancels Valedictorian?s Speech After Pro-Israel Groups Object

The university cited security concerns at the graduation. But the student, who is Muslim, said the school was ?succumbing to a campaign of hate meant to silence my voice.?

At UC Berkeley, a Pro-Palestinian Protest Disrupts Dinner at a Dean?s Home

Pro-Palestinian supporters disrupted a dinner for law students. There was a tussle over the microphone and conflicting claims of harm.

Harvard and Caltech Will Require Test Scores for Admission

The universities are the latest highly selective schools to end their policies that made submitting SAT or ACT scores optional.

Stanford?s New President Is Jonathan Levin, Dean of Business School

Dr. Levin faces the challenge of guiding the university through politically fraught times.

Science Teachers Are Having a Moment Thanks to the Solar Eclipse

Rick Crosslin, a science teacher in Indianapolis, paired up with school maintenance employees to build a giant model of the eclipse.

U.C. Berkeley Parents Hired Private Security to Patrol Near Campus

The parents were worried about crime, but the university said that the move raised concerns about training and experience, and that security was better left to its own police force.

Birmingham-Southern College to Close After Failing to Secure State Loan

After decades of financial mismanagement, the nearly 170-year-old private liberal arts school is set to close at the end of May.

The Man Who Helped Redefine Campus Antisemitism

In government and as an outsider, Kenneth Marcus has tried to douse what he says is rising bias against Jews. Some see a crackdown on pro-Palestinian speech.

Birmingham-Southern College to Close After Failing to Secure State Loan

After decades of financial mismanagement, the nearly 170-year-old private liberal arts school is set to close at the end of May.

The SAT Is Now Fully Digital for the Remote-Learning Generation

The new format cuts nearly an hour out of the exam and has shorter reading passages.

U. of Texas at Austin Will Return to Standardized Test Requirement

The university said SAT and ACT scores help it place students in programs that fit them best.

Dartmouth Players Detail How Union Plan Came Together

On Tuesday, the historic 13-2 vote by the men?s basketball team to unionize took a significant step toward classifying student-athletes as employees.

Liberty University Fined $14 Million for Mishandling Sex Assaults and Other Crimes

The penalty is the largest ever imposed by the Education Department, which found that the school had punished sexual assault victims but not their assailants and created a ?culture of silence.?

Harvard?s Response to Subpoenas Is Called ?Useless? by House Committee

Harvard said it has been acting in good faith and submitted thousands of pages of new material.

Brown University Will Reinstate Standardized Tests for Admission

The school joins Yale, Dartmouth and M.I.T. in backtracking on ?test optional? policies adopted during the pandemic.

University of Idaho Needs More Students. Should It Buy an Online School?

Ahead of an expected drop in enrollment, the institution is looking to buy the University of Phoenix, a for-profit school with a checkered past. Is it worth $550 million?

After Nex Benedict?s Death, Oklahoma Schools Chief Defends Strict Gender Policies

The Oklahoma school superintendent, Ryan Walters, said ?radical leftists? had created a narrative about the death of 16-year-old Nex Benedict that ?hasn?t been true.?

Co-Chair of Harvard Antisemitism Task Force Resigns

Professor Raffaella Sadun?s departure from the task force is a setback for a group set up to propose ways for Harvard to address antisemitism on campus.

Jewish Students Describe Facing Antisemitism on Campus to Members of Congress

At a discussion led by a House panel, students criticized their universities for not cracking down on antisemitism. An antiwar group pointed out that Muslim and Arab students are facing harassment, too.

California?s Push for Ethnic Studies Runs Into the Israel-Hamas War

The state?s high school students will be required to take the subject, but some object to how the discipline addresses the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

UPenn Trustees Meeting Cut Short by Student Protest Over Israel-Hamas War

The meeting was abruptly adjourned about 10 minutes in after a demonstration by pro-Palestinian students protesting the university?s ties with Israel.

At Harvard, Some Wonder What It Will Take to Stop the Spiral

At a summit of university presidents, the talk was about Harvard and its plummeting reputation.

Coleman Hughes, the Young Black Conservative Who Grew Up With, and Rejects, D.E.I.

Coleman Hughes wants a colorblind society. In his new book, he recounts how schools emphasized his racial identity ? and other students? white privilege.

Bill Ackman and Mark Zuckerberg Fail to Land Candidates on Harvard?s Board of Overseers

The candidates had promised to challenge the university?s leadership, but failed to collect enough signatures to get on the ballot for the board.

California Aims $2 Billion to Help Students Catch Up From the Pandemic

A lawsuit accused the state of failing to provide an equal education to lower-income, Black and Hispanic students during the pandemic.

Utah Bans D.E.I. Programs, Joining Other States

Conservatives say diversity and equity programs are more divisive than unifying.

Virginia Moves to End Legacy Admissions at Its Public Universities

The state legislature overwhelmingly passed a bill that ends preferences for children of alumni. The governor appears poised to sign it.

At Penn, Tensions May Only Be Growing After Magill?s Resignation

Professors at the University of Pennsylvania have begun to organize, fearing what they view as a plan by the billionaire Marc Rowan to upend academic freedom.

Hate Crimes Reported in Schools Nearly Doubled Between 2018 and 2022

Black students were the most frequent reported victims, followed by L.G.B.T.Q. and Jewish students, according to F.B.I. statistics.

Florida Eliminates Sociology as a Core Course at Its Universities

In December, Florida?s education commissioner wrote that ?sociology has been hijacked by left-wing activists.?

Yale, Duke and Columbia Among Elite Schools to Settle in Price-Fixing Case

Five universities have agreed to pay $104.5 million to settle a lawsuit accusing them of violating an agreement to be ?need-blind? when admitting students.

Critics Protest Harvard?s Choice to Lead Antisemitism Task Force

Bill Ackman and Lawrence Summers decried the choice of Derek J. Penslar, a professor of Jewish history, who had signed a letter describing Israel as an apartheid regime.

After Affirmative Action Ban, Students Use Essays to Highlight Race

The Supreme Court?s ruling intended to remove the consideration of race during the admissions process. So students used their essays to highlight their racial background.

Harvard Defends Its Plagiarism Investigation of Its Former President

The university released its most detailed account of its handling of plagiarism accusations against Claudine Gay, who resigned earlier this month.

The Next Battle in Higher Ed May Strike at Its Soul: Scholarship

Cases involving Stanford, Harvard and M.I.T. are fueling skepticism over the thoroughness of research ? even from the academic world?s biggest stars.

Biden Administration?s New Title IX Rules Are Blocked in Six More States

Conservative groups and Republican attorneys general have argued that the protections for transgender students come at the expense of others? privacy and conflicts with a number of state laws.

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