Los Angeles Schools Shut Down After LAUSD Workers Launch 3-Day Strike

The work stoppage began early Tuesday morning with a picket line at a district bus yard.

Florida Will Review Social Studies Textbooks for ?Prohibited Topics?

Behind the scenes, one publisher went to great lengths to avoid mentions of race, even in the story of Rosa Parks.

At Wellesley College, Students Vote to Admit Trans Men

Students supported a nonbinding referendum on Tuesday that calls for opening admission to all nonbinary and transgender applicants. Opponents say the school?s mission is to educate women.

Fulbright-Hays Fellowship Rule Penalizes Native Language Speakers

An Education Department regulation penalizes Fulbright-Hays applicants if they grew up speaking the language of their proposed country for research. Lawsuits have followed.

Parents of L.S.U. Student Who Died After Hazing Awarded $6.1 Million

Maxwell Gruver, 18, died in 2017 after a fraternity event in which pledges were forced to chug alcohol. His parents said the jury?s verdict was a significant step in their goal to end hazing.

UPenn Accuses a Professor of Racist Statements. Should She Be Fired?

Amy Wax and free speech groups say the university is trampling on her academic freedom. Students ask whether her speech deserves to be protected.

Parents of L.S.U. Student Who Died After Hazing Awarded $6.1 Million

Maxwell Gruver, 18, died in 2017 after a fraternity event in which pledges were forced to chug alcohol. His parents said the jury?s verdict was a significant step in their goal to end hazing.

School District Sued Over Handling of Student?s Pledge of Allegiance Protest

A South Carolina high school teacher shoved a student against a wall after the teenager refused to stop for the pledge on her way to class, according to a federal lawsuit.

What to Know About Tenure and Free Speech Protections

A conflict over a law professor at the University of Pennsylvania has stirred questions about what tenure means.

Colleges Have Been a Small-Town Lifeline. What Happens as They Shrink?

Declining student enrollment is hitting the rural areas that rely on universities. They?re trying to adapt to survive.

College in Idaho Removes Abortion Artwork, Citing State Law

Six works in a Lewis-Clark exhibition about health care were perceived to run afoul of a law that prohibits the use of state funds to ?promote abortion? or ?counsel in favor of abortion.?

Valparaiso Plans to Sell Georgia O?Keeffe Painting to Fix Dorms

In the face of declining enrollment, Valparaiso University in Indiana wants to raise money to renovate two dormitories by selling treasures from its art museum. Not everyone is on board.

How Public Money Goes to Support a Hasidic Village?s Private Schools

Created for a New York Hasidic group in 1989, the Kiryas Joel Village Union Free School District has directed millions of dollars to the community?s network of private schools.

The Rise of the Active Shooter Defense Industry

More companies are promising to protect children or employees against gun violence. But the industry is largely unregulated and unproven.

Who?s Afraid of Black History?

Ron DeSantis should be careful of the company he keeps.

Do Law Schools Need the LSAT? Here?s How to Understand the Debate.

One part of the American Bar Association is trying to drop the test requirement for law schools, while another has voted to retain it ? and both sides say diversity is the reason.

DeSantis May Have Been Right

The College Board amended its original plan for an A.P. African American studies course. It was probably for the best.

Michigan State Professor Was Teaching Class When Gunman Started Shooting

A professor recalls: ?It looked like a robot, not someone human, covered with a mask and a cap.?

The College Board?s Rocky Path, Through Florida, to the A.P. Black Studies Course

The nonprofit met with Governor DeSantis?s state officials, who asked whether the course was ?trying to advance Black Panther thinking.?

Before Michigan State Shooting, Some Students Survived Sandy Hook and Oxford

The gunfire on Monday night left three dead and five critically injured. For some students, the familiar rituals of sorrow, anger and disbelief were playing out again.

DeSantis?s Latest Target: A Small College of ?Free Thinkers?

Gov. Ron DeSantis?s plan to transform New College of Florida into a beacon of conservatism has left students and faculty members at the tight-knit, progressive school reeling.

After Adriana Kuch?s Suicide, a New Jersey Community Grapples With Bullying

Amid grief and outrage over the death of Adriana Kuch, 14, students have mounted protests, and a schools superintendent has resigned.

In Post-Roe World, These Conservatives Embrace New Benefits for Parents

Some conservative thinkers are pushing Republicans to move on from Reagan-era family policy and send cash to families. A few lawmakers are listening.

The Road to a Supreme Court Clerkship Starts at Three Ivy League Colleges

The chances of obtaining a coveted clerkship, a new study found, increase sharply with undergraduate degrees from Harvard, Yale or Princeton.

The Problem With College Rankings, and How We Fix It

My advice to the many anxious college applicants and their parents is to think about what you really want.

George Washington University Is Moving on From ?Colonials?

The move comes amid a reckoning of the fraught history of team names across American sports. Potential new names include: ?Ambassadors,? ?Blue Fog,? ?Revolutionaries? and ?Sentinels.?

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