Hollywood Minute: Lost Paul McCartney album

A lost, live album by Paul McCartney & Wings, a David Bowie box set, and The dB's debut on vinyl are all out now. Rick Damigella reports.

Cotton: 'Strong case' for many January 6 defendants to be pardoned

Republican Sen. Tom Cotton tells CNN's Jake Tapper that "anyone who commits acts of violence" should be prosecuted but suggests that some January 6 defendants should be pardoned.

Last Look: UK's plan to send migrants to Rwanda

Inside British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's controversial plan to send asylum seekers in Britain 4,000 miles away to the East African nation of Rwanda.

On GPS: How AI can transform education

Sal Khan, founder and CEO of Khan Academy, speaks to Fareed about how AI can revolutionize the education system, and why he doesn't think it will put teachers out of a job: "Like all technology, it amplifies human intent."

On GPS: Bill Gates on why he's investing in nuclear power

Philanthropist and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates talks to Fareed about why he's investing in a nuclear power project in Wyoming -- and what the future of alternative energy sources could look like.

On GPS: The controversy over using frozen Russian assets to aid Ukraine

Financial Times columnist Gillian Tett explains to Fareed the controversy over the roughly $300 billion in frozen Russian assets currently held in the west, and what G7 leaders plan to do with those funds.

On GPS: Unpacking Hamas' end game in Gaza

Fareed speaks to the Director of the Middle East and North Africa Program at Chatham House Sanam Vakil about Hamas' motivations as the group stalls the latest ceasefire proposal.

Just a number? Panel spars over age as Trump turns 78

Ashley Allison, Scott Jennings, Ashley Etienne and Shermichael Singleton join CNN's Jake Tapper as First Lady Jill Biden tests a new message on her husband's age.

Democrats slam Trump message to Black voters

Ashley Allison, Scott Jennings, Ashley Etienne and Shermichael Singleton join CNN's Jake Tapper to break down Donald Trump's message to Black voters in Michigan.

Dem Sen. Murphy predicts 'close race' but says 'no doubt' Biden will win

On CNN's State of the Union with Jake Tapper, Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy downplays polling showing President Biden underperforming Democratic Senate candidates in key states.

Watch Chris Murphy's emotional reflection on Sandy Hook survivors graduating high school

Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy tells CNN's Jake Tapper that "we have a lot of work to do to make sure that something like Sandy Hook never happens again, that every kid gets the chance to graduate."

Murphy: 'It's really scary that we have lost Republican support for banning machine guns'

Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy tells CNN's Jake Tapper he believes the Supreme Court is "readying to fundamentally rewrite the Second Amendment."

Cotton: 'I would of course entertain' serving as Trump's VP if asked

Potential Trump VP pick Sen. Tom Cotton tells CNN's Jake Tapper he would "have to consider it" if Trump asked him to be his running mate.

Cotton: Bump stock ban 'treads close to the line' of infringing on Second Amendment

On CNN's State of the Union with Jake Tapper, Republican Sen. Tom Cotton defends the Supreme Court's ruling overturning a Trump-era ban on bump stocks.

Fareed's take: Europe is unable to keep pace with America

CNN's Fareed Zakaria describes how Europe has been unable to keep up with the American powerhouse, and the need for a grand strategy.

Will the MAGA movement outlast Trump?

To a viewer tweet suggesting "We're at an inflection point where both parties are going to evolve after this election," Smerconish responds,"I hope that's the case. I don't know.....I look at it as the latest incarnation of a lot of the same sentiments that we saw in the Tea Party movement."

Costner: America is 'something to protect'

"The one thing I love about America is, you can go in that booth and you can still close the curtain on what it is you think, and do what you feel is right," says Kevin Costner. "And there's times when you can feel like your voice needs to be heard, there's other times when you need to listen.....we have something to protect, something to push forward, and the only way we get there is to lose our ego, and to fall back and have a higher understanding of what public service means."

Costner's multi-part 'Horizon' gallops onto big screen

The multi-part Western "Horizon" is screening in theaters, says star, director and co-writer Kevin Costner, because "it's a film that needs a curtain." And he's spent $38M of his own money hoping audiences "will find honor in the way people live, and find dishonor in the way people conduct themselves. And now, maybe, have a little empathy for both."

Mobile phone theft is rising: What to do if it happens to you

In London, a mobile phone is stolen every 6 minutes. "If I steal your phone, I'm stealing a thousand dollars," says digital identity expert David Birch. But "If I can get into your bank account, I can steal $100,000. So that's what they really want." So there are important steps to take immediately - including turning off message preview.

How US tries to thwart terror attacks in advance

"There's no doubt that Russia and China want to affect the outcome of the U.S. election," says former White House Counterterrorism Coordinator Richard Clarke. So administrations try to game out what adversaries might do, "and how you would react to that kind of surprise so that you have a script in advance."

See Princess of Wales with royal family on balcony in first public appearance

Catherine, Princess of Wales, joined other royals on the balcony of Buckingham Palace for the King's official birthday, capping her first public appearance since being diagnosed with cancer. CNN's Anna Stewart reports.

Video shows Princess of Wales exiting carriage in first appearance since cancer diagnosis

Catherine, Princess of Wales, arrives at Buckingham Palace for the King's official birthday parade, her first public appearance since revealing her cancer diagnosis. CNN's Anna Stewart reports.

Game On: Summer Game Fest

The third annual game gathering isn't open to the public, but is becoming a premiere event for upcoming video games. Rick Damigella reports.

Tsunami survivor describes escaping a 40-foot wave

The CNN Original Series "Violent Earth with Liev Schreiber" explores harrowing weather events such as tsunamis. It airs on Sundays at 9pm ET/PT.

Now Streaming: 'Criminal Minds: Evolution'

Showrunner Erica Messer talks with Rick Damigella about the latest season of the crime drama.

Father and daughter dig up the past in 'Treasure'

Stephen Fry and Lena Dunham travel to Poland on an uneasy quest for his family's pre-Holocaust home in the Julia von Heinz drama. David Daniel has a look at the film.

MTG says Trump told her to 'be nice' to Speaker Johnson

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) speaks with CNN's Lauren Fox about former President Donald Trump's visit to Capitol Hill and shares what Trump said to House Speaker Mike Johnson.

Hollywood Minute: First look at star-studded 'Fight Night'

Kevin Hart leads all-star 'Fight Night: The Million Dollar Heist' cast, Metallica rocks Fortnite, and 'Thelma' star June Squibb has a warning for people who talk or text in theaters. David Daniel reports.

IOC President Thomas Bach discusses historic Paris Olympics

International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach spoke EXCLUSIVELY to Eurosport on the importance of the Paris Olympics being the first to have gender parity. He also spoke of the more than twenty wars and armed conflicts and how it is the Olympics task to bring them to the Olympics and show the world that they are in the Olympic village and sharing the field, following the values of the games.

Putin's warships visit Cuba

Soon after complaining about US missiles in Ukraine, Putin sends a flagship to Havana that carries hypersonic missiles.

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