Elusive ?Einstein? Solves a Longstanding Math Problem

And it all began with a hobbyist ?messing about and experimenting with shapes.?

Cockroach Sex Took a Strange Turn. Now More Mutations Have Emerged.

Evolution has saved roach reproduction from an earlier mutation that interfered with how males court females.

One of the Luckiest Lightning Strikes Ever Recorded

Brazilian researchers captured on camera the brief moment when lightning rods on buildings released an upward discharge to attract incoming lightning.

Have AI Chatbots Developed Theory of Mind? What We Do and Do Not Know.

Some researchers claim that chatbots have developed theory of mind. But is that just our own theory of mind gone wild?

A Sting Operation to Save Elephants, With No Stings

While live bees can be used as a deterrent to keep elephants away from farms, a new technology fills in for cases where a buzz without the sting is preferable.

In a Roman Tomb, ?Dead Nails? Reveal an Occult Practice

Forty-one bent or twisted iron nails, unearthed from a second-century imperial burial site, were meant to keep the deceased in their place.

The Shark ?Didn?t Look Right.? Was It a Plastic Toy?

Scientists have retracted a study that showed a rare goblin shark washed up on a Greek beach after other researchers voiced doubts about the find.

A Paler Uranus Emerges in the Latest Hubble Telescope Image

A pair of images, taken eight years apart, show changes to the ice giant planet as spring arrives in the northern hemisphere.

DNA From Beethoven?s Hair Unlocks Medical and Family Secrets

By analyzing seven samples of hair said to have come from Ludwig van Beethoven, researchers debunked myths about the revered composer while raising new questions about his life and death.

Over-the-Counter Narcan Could Save More Lives. But Price and Stigma Are Obstacles.

The Food and Drug Administration is expected this week to allow the overdose-reversal medication to be sold without a prescription, a step toward making it a common emergency tool.

You May Need That Procedure. But Do You Really Need an Escort?

Following even basic screenings and operations, patients often must arrange for someone to deliver them home. For older people, it can be a tall order.

The Northern Lights Were Seen Farther South in the United States

A powerful geomagnetic storm helped to make the colorful aurora visible in places like North Carolina and Arizona on Thursday night.

Cleaner Air Helps Everyone. It Helps Black Communities a Lot.

A new study quantified the benefits of pollution reduction in terms of race and class.

California?s Plan for Cheaper Insulin Collides With Big Pharma?s Price Cuts

The state awarded a $50 million contract to produce less costly treatments, but moves by major suppliers might undercut the initiative before any new product emerges.

Should You Get Another Covid Booster?

Britain and Canada have authorized another round of booster shots for older and immunocompromised citizens. So far, U.S. officials haven?t followed suit.

The Income Gap Is Becoming a Physical-Activity Divide

Nationwide, poor children and adolescents are participating far less in sports and fitness activities than their more affluent peers.

Tennessee?s Rejection of Federal Funds to Curb HIV Alarms Prevention Groups

The state plans to use state funds, which a spokeswoman for Gov. Bill Lee said would be more efficient than receiving federal dollars. Some organizations are concerned they will be cut off if they don?t align with his conservative politics.

These Devices Sickened Hundreds. The New Models Have Risks, Too.

Duodenoscopes ? tubular cameras threaded into the intestine ? with disposable parts were supposed to be safer. But the parts can fall off in the body, the F.D.A. warned.

In Held v. Montana, Young People Sue Montana Over Use of Fossil Fuels

Sixteen young Montanans have sued their state, arguing that its support of fossil fuels violates the state Constitution.

Science Museums Take Stock of 1.1 Billion Objects From Around the World

Natural history museums have joined forces to produce a global digital inventory of their prized collections, from pinned butterflies to dinosaur skulls.

Who Is Most At Risk for Long Covid?

A new analysis summarizes the emerging picture of factors that make long-term post-Covid symptoms more likely.

Autism Prevalence Rises Again, Study Finds

The pandemic may have disrupted the detection of autism spectrum disorder in young children, researchers also reported.

La melena de Beethoven revela secretos médicos y familiares

El análisis de siete muestras de pelo del venerado compositor permitió a los investigadores desmentir mitos y plantear nuevas preguntas sobre su vida y su muerte.

Relativity Space?s 3-D Printed Rocket Fails Just After Launch

Relativity Space, a private company with ambitions for sending people to Mars, made it off the launchpad, but the vehicle experienced problems during the second stage of its flight.

Wyoming Judge Temporarily Blocks the State?s New Abortion Ban

Wyoming?s Constitution guarantees a right to make individual health care decisions. The new ban attempts to circumvent that right by declaring that abortion is not health care.

Centuries of Stargazing Leave Jesuit Names Written in the Heavens

The latest list of approved labels for asteroids includes nods to three more scholars of the order, as well as a pope, challenging the idea that science and religion make awkward partners.

Rising Rate of Drug Shortages Is Framed as a National Security Threat

A Senate homeland security committee examined growing health care shortages amid reports of rationing within hospitals.

Raphael Mechoulam, ?Father of Cannabis Research,? Dies at 92

His work helped break down the chemical structures of THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana, to figure out how cannabis makes users high.

William A. Wulf, Pioneering Computer Scientist, Dies at 83

One of the first people to receive a graduate degree in the field, Dr. Wulf helped to adapt an early Pentagon communications web into the network that eventually grew into the internet.

Geothermal Power, Cheap and Clean, Could Help Run Japan. So Why Doesn?t It?

For decades, new plants have been blocked by powerful local interests, the owners of hot spring resorts, that say the sites threaten a centuries-old tradition.

The Times Switches to CDC Covid Data, Ending Daily Collection

As local data sources become less reliable, The Times will instead report information collected by the C.D.C. on its virus tracking pages.

Oumuamua Was a Comet After All, a Study Suggests

Astronomers offer ?a surprisingly simple explanation? for the curious behavior of the interstellar visitor in 2017.

2023 Abel Prize in Mathematics Honors Luis Caffarelli

The honor, like a Nobel Prize for mathematics, was given this year to Luis Caffarelli for his work on partial differential equations.

8 Dolphins Dead After Washing Ashore in New Jersey

It was the latest instance of marine mammals being found dead on the state?s beaches, raising concerns among residents over what might be the cause.

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